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wiek: 28 Mężczyzna z Hyderabad, Indie flag
Our work during the continued lockdown in India is earning us valuable respect among our patrons. We regularly receive inquiries to move homes to far off places, nondescript at times, when logistics becomes a major challenge often paired with hurdles. Most professional Movers and Packers Hyderabad deny services to such locations given its abominable approach due to poor connectivity by trucks. Such locations are also served by multiple transit points on a hub and spoke model connecting various small towns and villages from the hubs. Such models may or may not cover all pin codes in the state thus rendering them unapproachable for the organized trucking sector. This is exactly the reason most moving companies deny services to such locations leaving the prospects in lurch that have no other option but to approach the unorganized sector to help them move their homes exposing their goods to the potential risk of damage or theft. There are companies like GatiKWE and Safexpress that deliver to most pin codes across India but don’t give full moving services like packing and unpacking which is another reason why consumers avoid such services since packing their belongings remains utmost important to prevent losses due to transit damage. We get many such inquiries for shipping to places like Gaya and Darbhanga in Bihar or Tezpur in Assam or Silliguri in West Bengal from major cities. We are facing 2 major difficulties in logistics post 25th March, 2020 when the first lockdown was announced: No skilled manpower to pack and load the goods due to reverse migration of labor from major cities in India. This has rendered the logistics industry bereft of skilled drivers and skilled labor for packing and loading jobs Most transporters facing driver crunch have replaced them with adhoc drivers who refuse to download our mobile application that enables track and trace. Since services to such nondescript locations are based on hub and spoke model which requires trans-shipment through multiple trucks, we often deny services to such locations because the drivers refuse to download our mobile application and remain untraceable. We however show our interest in locations where the truckers accept our terms and conditions to download our mobile application and take it as a challenge to complete such moves that derives satisfaction to both, our customer and ourselves. Moving from Hyderabad to Surandai We got one such inquiry to move a home from Hyderabad to Surandai, a nondescript location in Tamil Nadu, 200 kilometers further south from Madurai near the famous Courtallam falls. The customer had filled in his 1 BHK inventory details on our unique inventory tool and we took it as a challenge since we were recommended by one of our satisfied customers who had recently experienced a delightful move to Coimbatore from Hyderabad through our efficient services. We connected with the prospect with a positive mind frame and further refined the inventory details to get knowledge on the types of goods. The customer had the following demands to be met: Being a biking aficionado, he wanted his bike to be thoroughly packed in order to avoid dents and damages to the plastics Total volume of 300 cubic feet Had expensive fragile accessories and crockery that must be packed and handled carefully A high-end computer that needs care while in transit Pick-up within 3 days since he had to vacate the home in a short notice Also read : We salvaged a Hyderabad to Coimbatore move at the last minute and how We immediately got on our toes to fulfill this order. None of the listed professional Packers and Movers Chennai on our platform was willing to take up this job due to the complexities involved in the part-load consignment to this location. We contacted a few individual trucking companies to get a hand of their transit routes and could find none that have direct services to Surandai from Hyderabad. It was then we decided to adopt the Hub and Spoke model internally and send the goods to Bangalore from Hyderabad and further to Surandai from Madurai. We provided the entire route itinerary to the customer Hyderabad-Bangalore-Madurai-Surandai and got the goods packed according to the customer’s likings and shipped them to Bangalore since it is another strong base for us other than Hyderabad and Mumbai where we have our own branches. The total delivery time committed to the customer was 10 days. We started to receive frantic customer calls as the delivery time approached closer. We were updating the customer in accordance with our tracking mechanism. But it was at the final transiting point from Bangalore to Madurai that the trucker decided to veer it towards Chennai since they had another load for Tirunelveli, which is on the same direction towards Surandai. This delayed the delivery by another day and we kept the customer posted about the same. He had also received a call from the truck driver about a day delay, who was also courteous enough to coordinate the convenient time of delivery with the customer. The goods finally arrived in perfect shape at the destination much to the customer’s delight adding another feather to our crown. Source - n/...
wiek: 35 Mężczyzna z Chennai, Indie flag
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wiek: 36 Kobieta z Hyderabad, Indie flag
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