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Mmoexp: 65 million Elden Ring runes up to
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We are going over a new exploit on Elden Ring! 65 million Elden Ring runes up to! You are going to be able to level up fast! And be able to do this early game! No AFK! The guide is the best Elden

Ring rune farming glitch after patch 1.05.

Let's get into how we are going to skip past the first Elden Lord and go straight to Elden Ring Items the mountaintops, so what we want to do is pretend that we are literally heading there as if we have the Medallion, now of course, we do not have The Medallion, so what we need to do is we need to take the lift up, for the most part try to dodge the enemies, because they will try to follow you so that can happen, once you do make it to the top, we are going to go all all the way up, you will notice that there is going to be three enemies, you'll take out the one to the left the right and the one to the far right, once you have taken care of them, we are going to then use the offhand swap glitch which can be done with the in-game hammer, you can also use the sword from Melania, there's also the black knife that you can use, there's a bunch of options right, we want to make sure that the uchikatanas on the left side and that we are holding it with both hands, we are going to slash as we mid Slash use the ashes of War button and then pause the game and go all the way down to the scepter, you do not need to click anything else as this will then drag you forward, but do make sure that you are holding forward as you do go.



Then, Leap Forward, so what will happen is if you're not correctly on the fence here, you will drop down below, and that's not going to be a fun time, so you will have to repeat this like so, so do not do that what you want to do is specifically hop on top of this floating part of the fence.

Next, we are going to use a spray glitch, so try to use your Mount and then Spray It Forward after using this, this will then leap you forward so that you can jump further, rinse or repeat this for the second one, and then hop on top of here, what you want to do is then slowly walk, around the corners, you will reach this other side, you will then continue to slowly walk forward and do this all the way around, you will notice that the barrier itself is blocking you from going all the way over which is okay, it's not a big deal, and then what you want to buy Elden Ring Items do from here is then go back and then just completely Sprint to the left like so.

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