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5 interesting gifts that will entertain your kids
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Surprising modern children is very difficult. Whatever surprise the affectionate parents have prepared, it is unlikely to be able to distract the child from the gadgets for a long time. Nevertheless, we have tried to make a selection of original Valentine's Day gifts for kids that will make your children put aside their smartphones and tablets.


1. Miniature quadcopter


A quadcopter with very easy and clear control. It buzzes, lights, flies - what else do you need to be happy?


2. Walking Dinosaur


A solar-powered, cute dinosaur assembly kit.


3. Electric automaton


A bright collapsible submachine gun firing safe soft shells.


4. Snowglobe


With this device you can easily and quickly make perfect snowballs for winter battles.


5. Set of soldiers


Police special forces, soldiers and other special forces fighters - a total of eight figures.

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