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Calcination Of Produce Mica
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Mica materials are generally natural rocks as the main component such as chalk, dolomitic mica all can be used to produce lime.

The main component of mica’s natural rock calcined at a suitable temperature, after eliminate the decomposition of carbon dioxide, the resulting calcium oxide (CaO) as the main ingredients is lime, also known as mica.

Calcination of mica to produce mica is the traditional production process, with the development of science, the production of mica used mechanized, semi-mechanized shaft kiln and rotary kiln, fluidized bed furnace and other equipment. Calcination time is correspondingly reduced, lime rotary kiln production only need 2 to 4 hours. Compared with kiln production,it can improve production efficiency more than 5 times. In recent years, the use of ultrafine mill for processing mica improve the utilization value and scope of mica.

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