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Nook Miles Ticket getting and selling different sorts
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hardware springs up as the Hot Item for an offered day.Thanks to New Horizons' expanded stock space, you can make a huge load of cash just by Nook Miles Ticket getting and selling different sorts of bugs and fish.


Clearly some are more significant than others, yet in case you're playing on dispatch day in March, you should watch out for Paper Kite Butterflies (white and dark wings), Emperor Butterflies (light blue wings), and Peacock Butterflies (green and dark wings). Every one of these will sell for.


somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 4,000 Bells and are well worth chasing.shadows, so there's no extraordinary general guideline for which to follow. All things considered, filling your pockets with 20 fish is probably going to net you a few thousand Bells so it's never an exercise in futility.



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