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A few simple tricks can help you make candy clicker a pretty simple game. You can get candy clicker, the best improvement, in less than 30 minutes if you follow these tips and tricks:

Click as quickly as you can

For now, the only way to get more candy is to click on the candy in the middle of the screen. You'll get more prize points if you click more and faster.
It's recommended that you use a mouse instead of the keyboard to improve the speed at which you click.

Gain gold 

There will be a gold candy every minute or two. As soon as you see this, you must click on it. Should you miss the deadline, it won't come back for a while. The value of these shiny candies is very high. In time, it will go from being worth a few thousand points to being worth millions of points. Therefor, you should definitely remember to collect them.

Always upgrade
On the right side of your screen, you'll see all of your upgrade choices. To click on candy more quickly, you should first move your mouse around. Once you get 25 candies for every click, you can look at early upgrades like the Candy Farm and the Auto Candy update.

It's probably best to focus on improving the mines and plants you already have if you have to wait more than three minutes for a new upgrade.

Keep the tab open

It will get easier to get points without clicking as you play Candy Clicker more. Plus, they'll keep working even if you close or start another tab. Make sure to keep your tab open so you can use the new features you've unlocked.



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Candy Clicker is a popular idle game within the Clicker genre. As a clicker game, its primary mechanism is to generate clicks in the sugar world.


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