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Whizzinator is a gadget designed to help people pass urine drug tests successfully. This discreet solution offers an perfect solution for when marijuana consumption is not compatible with workplace rules or anticipated test results, such as transportation professionals or athletes who have strict policies regarding drug testing.

Whizzinator has a strong track record when it comes to winning urine drug tests however its use is not without risks as well as disadvantages. The violation of federal laws that ban any kind of conspiracy to defeat drug tests could lead to severe legal penalties If they're discovered. Moreover that it is more costly than rival product and needs careful maneuvering to be used without being noticed.

The Whizzinator is manufactured and distributed by California-based Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) which is available through their website along with other online marketplaces with different sizes of packages. They encourage responsible use by the user with the 14-day policy of return for non-used products, as well as telephone and email support for their customers.

Its efficacy is dependent on its quality and the type of synthetic urine that is utilized and its use in different situations. In the ideal scenario, it will be of the same chemical composition and temperature range of human urine for the greatest effectiveness laboratories are able of being able to detect products that are not of the highest quality, so choosing only top quality items vital.

To create synthetic urine suitable for use in the Whizzinator, you must ensure that you adhere to the specifications of the maker. Mix dry urine and hot water prior to pouring onto the Whizzinator. Finally, insert and wrap around your cylinder in the manner described by its maker. Some users opt to place a heating pad underneath their synthetic urine cylinder in order to make sure that the temperature that is constant throughout. To understand synthetic pee buy fully, better click here or check out our official site.

WHIZZINATORs are devices that can be reused enabling multiple test attempts using synthetic urine refills. The downside is that overuse for this purpose could eventually result in residue accumulation that could end up making the device useless; to prevent this issue from happening, it's advised to clean the cylinders thoroughly before each time use.

The WHIZZINATOR is specifically designed to aid users with passing non-supervised urine drug tests. For supervised drug tests like those used in the courts or schools, a detox first might be a better option since positive results from tests could have the potential to result in revocation of probation or jail sentence - unneeded risk!

It is a Whizzinator is a small, portable device filled with synthetic urine similar as human urine. According to Alternate Lifestyle Systems, this gadget has been "tested to determine urination-related parameters including specific gravity, level of creatinine as well as pH." Furthermore, the heating pad is able to keep fake urine in the same temperature as your body. The fake penis could be filled with synthetic urine by mixing bottled and synthetic urine. The mixture is then put into a bladder made of vinyl for security with waist and leg straps. In addition, the penis comes with temperatures control systems to maintain fake urine at body temperature, several heating pads for more authentic flow and also a syringe to provide additional convenience. Click here to visit our official website to find the complete details on FAKE PEE.

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If you're taking the test for drugs or just want the excitement of having a pee in front of your friends, this premium product provides both authenticity and comfort. The kit comes with a medical grade polypropylene pouch featuring a real-life prosthetic (available in 5 different natural tones of skin) as well as four natural heating pads, and Golden Shower synthetic urine sample Everything you require to replicate an authentic simulation of urine!

What's the WhizzinATOR Touch? Perform?

The Whizzinator Touch is a urinary device intended to mimic natural urine. It also fools lab technicians for drug tests. However, its success depends upon the users following the instructions meticulously; whereas its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed due things like temperature or smell problems.

The Whizzinator kit includes five skin tone false penises and organic heat packs that provide a realistic body temperature over eight hours, laboratory-grade Gold'n shower dehydrated artificial urine that is of similar color, scent particular gravity, as well as refill instructions for effortless simulations in the production of natural urine, in addition to a convenient syringe designed for refilling, and comprehensive instruction manuals.

In order to use it, first refill your reservoir of synthetic urine by using the supplied syringe. make sure to seal the port of your reservoir using the clamp included and then turn on the heating pad prior to securing onto your belt to secure it around your waist. Pinch the shaft of the prosthetic at the time you're ready discharge synthetic urine. Stop pinching when done - a concealed valve for shutting off and on is situated above the prosthetic can be used to begin or stop it at any time.It's better to click for more info or go to our official website for all information regarding SYNTHETIC PEE.

How To Operate

The WhizzinATOR Touch is a top synthetic urine prosthetic system, known for its unique design and real-life appearance. The WhizzinATOR Touch boasts more than 15 years superior quality and craftsmanship Its innovative, discrete solution made it possible to provide users with security with an super-secure medical-grade bag and an authentic prosthetic that fits seamlessly beneath clothing.

Making use of WhizzinATOR WhizzinATOR is easy and simple It's all you need to do is mixing the synthetic urine into water, then injecting it via a syringe into a prosthetic body piece. Furthermore, this kit includes heat pads to regulate the temperature of urine as well as detailed instructions.

Controlling Temperature

Most people fret about taking urine drug tests to get into work. Specialists in the lab oversee these tests and failure to pass can be a reason for termination. The Whizzinator 2023 kit for synthetic urine could help individuals get these tests easily and in a safe manner.

The Whizzinator is complete with a fake penis and premium synthetic urine. This will enable you to get through any urine test. Furthermore, heating pads ensure the fake pee is in the body's temperature. Additionally the various skin-toned fake penis types give you the ability to pick an option suitable for discretion.

Create a fake urine by mixing 90mL water with one vial of Gold'n Shower dehydrated synthetic urine available in the kit, about two hours prior to taking the test. When your synthetic urine is made, it is simply transferred to the fill pump to transform the fake penis back into penis.


Whizzinator features top-of-the-line fake urine which passes the most rigorous testing for lab validity. The product is made up of pure substances that have the same density as human pee, as well as urea, creatinine, salts and yellow colors to make the sample appear more authentic. Furthermore, there is an heating pad included with the units to keep samples warm until the time of testing.

Clean your device at the end of each test to eliminate odors, and transfers of germs between. There are specialized synthetic urine cleaners available, and you can clean your device using water and soap.

The month of October was a busy one in Tarrant County, two federal probationers were found using Whizzinators as a way to pass drug test. One of them was deported to prison in the wake of probation suspension, and the other one was subject to up 2 years in jail. They fooled testers with their prosthetic penises hidden under garments, but police were able to spot them, and they made them disclose the device.

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Whizzinator Whizzinator is a gadget that holds synthetic urine. It's washable and can be filled with a distinct colour each time. It comes with an syringe and heater packs that ensure that the fake urine stays at body temperature. The device also has fake penis, which can be altered to match your to the skin's tone.

The Whizzinator is a tool that allows users to cheat on drug tests by creating fake urine. This device is a great tool for females and males to get through urine drug tests at home or at work. Additionally, it can be utilized for recreation purposes. However, it's crucial to know the risks and ethical implications of using fake urine devices. It is composed of synthetic urine dehydrated and packaged in a powder form. The product must be mixed in with water prior to use. This method keeps the elements separated until they're needed, which reduces the risk of contamination by bacteria. Also, it prolongs duration of shelf-life.

The Whizzinator is a preferred choice by those looking not to be detected during tests for drugs. The unique formula mimics features of urine in humans. It can be used to perform a range of test, including opiate related ones. It is recommended to test your procedure prior to the actual test to make sure that you won't cause any suspicion. To ensure that synthetic urine appears authentic, experts in chemistry dilute it by adding chemicals like creatinine and urea. This are produced by the activity of muscles. Also, they adjust the temperature to match that of an individual's body.

The Whizzinator consists artificial penis and a storage container of synthetic or clean urine attached to an elastic belt that is worn underneath clothes. Users fill the reservoir using fake urine, then place themselves so that the stream emanating from the penise resembles actual urine. They activate the valve which triggers the fake urine to leak out through the prosthetic penis and into the cup that they are testing. One can regulate the force of the flow by grabbing the shaft of the penis that is fake. Know more about synthetic urine reviews 2024 in the link.


The whizzinator device which lets you take a urine test using artificial urine. It's a highly successful rate and can be used to fulfill a range of needs. It is simple to make and is able to be used anywhere. It's also secure to use since it's clean and hygiene-conscious. It operates by allowing you the ability to collect clean samples synthetic urine from your penis. The results are realistic enough that they confuse the laboratory specialist into believing they're actually real. After that, close your pants and hand over the sample.

The kit comes with a prosthetic penis, which you can select as a skin tone (black brown, black or white) as well as a plastic container for storing the urine, as well as a syringe. an electric heater to keep the samples at a temperature that is suitable for your body and a color-coded chart to help you match your fake urine to your skin tone. The device is reusable and can be replenished with new urine, as well as heat packs. The Whizzinator is a gadget that pumps clean fake urine into your body. It's reusable and comes with a medical grade container to hold the fake urine. The container also has heater packs that help keep the urine at a normal body temperature. It comes in five shades which include white, tan the latino color, brown and black.

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The Whizzinator amazon is a product designed to help people pass the drug test. It's designed to appear as a penis, and comes with heating packs to keep synthetic urine at the proper temperature. Also included is an assortment of freeze dried synthetic urine to complete the kit. The Whizzinator is also useful to play pranks. You can use it at costumes or Halloween parties to amuse your guests by making it appear like you're peeing.



Whizzinator is a tool which helps users pass urine drug tests. It is a fake urine product and is packaged with an unambiguous heat pad as well as a container and an syringe. The product is also reuseable and lasts as long as 8 hours. The manufacturer advertises the device as a game, however, many people use to get through drug tests. It comes with a user manual and is simple to use. The only thing you need to do is heat the fake urine for a couple of hours prior to your test, and show up at the testing centre. After that, you can sneakily pour the fake urine into the test container, and give it to the person who will test it. Therefore, it is essential to cover it up and to not allow anyone to see the contents. Also, it is important to put on a pair of trousers or leggings that are in harmony with the tone of your skin. When visiting this website you can gain more information about whizzinator amazon faster.


Whizzinator is a discrete and inexpensive product that could be utilized for a range of purposes. A lot of people utilize it to pass drug tests however, it is also helpful for playing pranks. It can be utilized to trick your guests into thinking you're peeing in the cup. This is a great idea for costume and Halloween parties. It's a great idea to heat your synthetic urine before you take the test. It will make sure that the test sample is at a similar temperature. The manual provide specific directions for how to accomplish this. The manufacturer of this product also provides a money back warranty. But, you have to return the product in its original packaging within 14 days from the date of purchase. Additionally, the item should be returned in its original packaging and be in good working in good working order. Refunds will be granted if the business finds that the product is not altered in any manner.



The Whizzinator is a one-of-a-kind product that will help to pass the urine test. It's made from fake urine, which mimics the chemical, visual and thermal characteristics of human urine. Also, it has a high pH and low odor which makes it a great alternative to natural urine. Also, it doesn't expire like urine does. It comes with an assortment of synthetic urine, heating pads to ensure that the fake urine stays in a body-temperature, as well as an artificial penis that comes in a range of skin tones. The Whizzinator can be utilized to test a range of things for example, on the day of a drug test. It is crucial to utilize the Whizzinator in accordance with instructions. In the event that you don't, you may be in prison for fraud. Also, it is important to be aware that the whizzinator is not 100% foolproof, and it may not be able to work with more sophisticated urine tests. If you're unsure you're not sure, seek out a specialist. They will be capable of helping you choose the best product to suit your needs.



The Whizzinator is a device created to assist people in passing the drug test. It has an imitation penis which resembles the real one and is easy to conceal under clothes. It's also easy to operate and is a proven track record of performance for the users. It's been on the market for over 16 years and is rated with a number of favorable feedback.



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