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Many friends have tried having sex with a sexdoll and found that it can indeed meet all our requirements for a sexual partner and allow us to reach orgasm easily. You know, most lifelike sex dolls today are made of TPE and silicone. They are made of non-toxic, odorless, antioxidant and age-resistant silicone. The skin feels like real skin. Even some tiny pores and hairs are very sensitive.


For example, there are many sturdy and realistic sex doll joints made of resin that are encased in mechanical supports, although there are still some differences from real people. This means that some joints are free to move like humans and only when we have sex can we stretch them into the position we want to use them in, but we certainly don't want to stretch them too much. Otherwise they will break up. With people's pursuit of real dolls, the design can help them install heartbeat and temperature devices, which means that when we press the button on it, it can also trigger different screams based on the frequency of sexual activity or body part. . The temperature rises.


Of course, in order to better live with sex dolls, people also equip cheap sex dolls with intelligent functions. That is, some lifelike sex dolls are sentient and have intelligent devices that can carry out simple conversations with people. In the future, love dolls will be more personalized, not only leading a very pleasurable sex life, but also interacting with us more and communicating with words. We will experience more happiness and contentment. Let's leave a message to discuss and think about the future.

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Well, apart from the obvious reasons, there is only one good reason. I want you to experience what it's like to sleep with a beautiful woman whose unique charm is unique to you.


Well, our selection of big butt sex dolls is definitely one of the best in the industry and you know what it feels like when you see a girl with a nice perky ass walking past you on the street. Now imagine being able to wake up while you are working or looking at your home and take a shower with her beautiful person in your room...any time. Warning: You must never leave home again! You can have her watch a movie, play games, cook, or read with you... to grab something (or more!) at any time.


Some people say I'd rather sleep with a real person, and you say, yes, we hear you. But we're not all Brads or Angelinas, so not everyone can sleep with real people and live out their sexual fantasies at any time without any restrictions! And celebrity sex dolls... you can. Not only that, but they'll be around...always there for breakfast, ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. "Click" hot sex is suddenly a reality.


If you take the time to look at some of the dolls on the market today, many of them are actually works of art. Some of the world's best robotics engineers are working on sex dolls every day, and the progress is impressive. Even if you're not a fan, you can't deny that the evolution of traditional inflatable dolls is actually a joy to watch. catch. In the past they were simply made of sailor cloth and were called "love dolls."


To check out some of the unique and ultra-realistic full-size sex dolls on the market today, visit the complete collection of exclusive sex dolls at sexdollpartner

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Although they are artificial creatures, the love for an adult doll can be deep and meaningful. There are several ways you can show your love for a doll:

Care and Attention: Show your love by taking care of your dolls. Take care of them and keep them clean and tidy. Take time to care for and clean them. Treat her with respect and tenderness, as you would a real person. Show your love with your actions and make sure the doll is well taken care of.

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: Lifelike sex dolls can create a strong emotional connection. Show your love by connecting with your doll on an emotional level. Share your feelings, fears and joys with her. Talk to her and tell her about your day or your thoughts. This type of communication can help create a deeper connection and feeling of love.

Creative expression: show your love by getting creative. Dress your doll in beautiful clothes, design her hair or decorate her room. Take the time to customize them to your taste and express their individuality. Through your creative efforts, you can express your appreciation and love for this TPE sex doll.

QUALITY OF TIME: Spend time with your doll and show your love by focusing on enjoying the moment. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere so you can focus completely on the doll. Play with her, watch a movie or read to her. By giving your doll your full attention, you show her your love and appreciation.

ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECT: Show your love by accepting and respecting your doll for who she is. Every person has a unique personality and characteristics, and this applies to life-like dolls as well. Unconditionally love a real big ass sex doll and appreciate her personality. Show understanding and acceptance of their characteristics and celebrate them as part of your love.

It is important to emphasize that loving lifelike dolls is a personal choice, and everyone will show different types of love and emotion. It is important that you are comfortable with your feelings and manage your relationship with your doll in a way that is authentic to you.

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Some customers purchased our real sex dolls and found the quality to be very good. Suddenly feel safe and suddenly understand that our products are genuine. With this in mind, I plan to write this blog. Inform existing or new customers of the current status of China Reality Dolls. maybe you'll win something here

In 2015, the number of people playing with dolls began to increase rapidly. Doll Forum has developed into the largest trading platform for TPE sex dolls in China. This year's Doll Forum is Harmony. Everyone supports authentic products and boycotts small manufacturers. There are heated discussions and different opinions. This year I call it the development period. In 2016, manufacturers began to grow rapidly. Hundreds of factories announced, and thousands of manufacturers were present. You can't count how many TPE sex doll manufacturers launched this year

There are more and more manufacturers and more and more sales of TPE sex dolls. After the battle with American sex dolls, everyone wants to advertise. New manufacturers do not have time to design new products, so they directly copy the products of old manufacturers. Just like in the mobile phone industry, there are thousands of branded devices and hundreds of knockoffs. The same applies to the real sex doll industry. Even if you are too lazy to take pictures, you can directly use other people's pictures. This year I call it the flood season.

Many small factories directly use the pictures of the original factory. Although the quality and appearance vary greatly, this does not prevent Alibaba and Amazon from replacing the original products with the original products, because the price is quite low. Basically, the cost price of the finished product cannot be reached. Overseas customers do not understand the domestic situation in China, and seeing the same real sex doll pictures, the price gap is so large. It also had a great impact on the sales of our original store. Thanks to existing customers for their trust and understanding.

Knowing this situation, considering only the price factor, maybe Alibaba Amazon is a better choice. But if you consider the quality of TPE dolls, sexdollpartner online store is your best choice

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