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An updated warning has been issued for those who employ wireless security cameras, such as "Ring," as a means of home protection.

Despite owning a Ring camera, a woman from Detroit was unable to capture the theft of her car from the front of her house. An expert in the area suggests that this is indicative of the growing technological expertise among criminals.

In a recent incident, the woman claimed that her car was stolen from her driveway. Upon examining the footage from her Ring camera, she noticed a notable absence of recorded hours.

In the opinion of Chris Burns, the owner of Techie Gurus, security cameras that utilize WiFi for recording are more focused on providing convenience rather than ensuring robust security. This is because WiFi signals can be easily disrupted, thereby preventing the camera from effectively capturing footage of individuals near your residence. Unfortunately, criminals have become aware of this vulnerability.

jammer phone

According to Burns, it is a misconception to view wireless as a reliable security measure. He highlighted the fact that wireless signals can be easily wifi jammer or blocked.

This gadget can be utilized by the wrongdoers as a WiFi jamming device or a deauther, with a compact design resembling that of an Apple Watch.

By standing in close proximity, a deauther can overpower a WiFi system, compelling the WiFi camera to cease its recording. This accessory is available at a relatively affordable price, typically ranging from $10 to $50. On the other hand, a jammer comes at a significantly higher cost, with prices ranging from $150 to $1,000.

The use of signal jammer, which are also highly illegal, presents a greater difficulty in locating them. However, a jammer with significant power can effortlessly disable WiFi security cameras on an entire street with a single button press.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Ring acknowledged that the performance of Ring devices can be impacted by WiFi signal interference, similar to other wifi-enabled devices. To resolve any connectivity issues, customers are urged to get in touch with Ring Customer Support.

How can customers protect themselves?

To achieve utmost security, Burns stressed the importance of a hard-wired connection, preferably through an ethernet cable or a similar medium.

The problem, although known to Ring, is considered to be infrequent, as stated by their spokesperson.

Burns pointed out that with the decreasing cost of technology, the demand for jammers is likely to grow, emphasizing the significance of keeping people fully aware and informed.


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A recent caution has been issued for those who rely on wireless security cameras like "Ring" for safeguarding their residence.

In Detroit, a woman reported that her Ring camera failed to record the theft of her car from the front of her residence. An expert in the area suggests that this occurrence signifies the growing technological expertise of criminals.

The woman stated that her car was stolen from her driveway earlier this month. Upon reviewing the footage from her Ring camera, she noticed that there were missing hours.

The statement made by Chris Burns, the proprietor of Techie Gurus, highlights that security cameras relying on WiFi for recording purposes are primarily focused on convenience rather than security. This is attributed to the vulnerability of WiFi signals to interference, potentially leading to the camera's inability to effectively surveil the surroundings of your home, a concern that criminals are exploiting.

According to Burns, using wireless for security measures is a flawed approach. He pointed out that wireless signals can be easily interfered with or obstructed.

These individuals can employ this as a wifi jamming device, or a deauther, that could potentially be as compact as an Apple Watch.

By standing within close range, a deauther can overpower a WiFi system, compelling the WiFi camera to cease its recording operations. This accessory is available at a relatively affordable price, typically ranging from $10 to $50. On the other hand, a jammer comes at a significantly higher cost, with prices ranging from $150 to $1,000.

Due to their illegal nature, singal jammer are not easily accessible. Nevertheless, a strong camera jammer can effectively stop an entire street from being captured on WiFi security cameras by a mere push of a button.

In a statement, a representative from Ring highlighted the potential impact of WiFi signal interference on Ring device performance, similar to other wifi-enabled devices. Customers encountering connectivity issues are urged to seek help from Ring Customer Support.

How can customers protect themselves?

According to Burns, true security can only be achieved by utilizing hard-wired connections like ethernet.

The spokesperson representing Ring stated that they are mindful of the situation, highlighting its infrequency.

According to Burns, as technology becomes more affordable, the demand for jammers is expected to rise. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that people are adequately educated on this subject.


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A word of caution has been issued by the Los Angeles Police Department to the residents regarding the utilization of WiFi jammers by criminals. These jammers are being employed to easily deactivate "connected" security cameras and sirens. It is important to be aware that these jammers can be purchased at low prices from platforms like Amazon.


Los Angeles news station KTLA5 has highlighted a concerning trend where tech-savvy thieves are utilizing WiFi jammers. These small devices have the ability to confuse wireless devices and inundate them with excessive traffic. By doing so, these criminals can gain access to homes without triggering any alarms. This raises questions about the vulnerability of affordable housing to security devices like Ring and Eufy.

According to a recent report by Tom's Hardware, instances of criminals employing WiFi jammers have been documented for quite some time. These jammers can be conveniently purchased online for a modest price of $40.

From a legal perspective in the United States, their use is considered illegal...



In a 2020 FCC alert, it was stated that the deliberate use of phone jammers, GPS blockers, or other signal jamming devices to block or interfere with authorized radio communications is considered a violation of federal law.

Despite the warnings, it appears that they were disregarded. Recently, law enforcement in Minnesota uncovered that nine robberies within a six-month period were linked to the use of wifi jammers. Luckily, the thieves are still opting for non-violent methods and focusing on empty houses.

In light of the current circumstances, the Los Angeles Police Department is suggesting that homeowners opt for hardwired alarm systems instead of relying solely on WiFi. Furthermore, they are urging residents to ensure their homes are well illuminated during the night.

The LAPD further suggests that you take precautions to keep your departure from your residence for an extended period of time confidential.

Cell phones serve as two-way radios that communicate via cell towers. cell phone jammer operate by emitting a strong signal on the same frequencies utilized by mobile devices, effectively blocking communication between the device and the cell tower. As a result, the mobile device loses connectivity and shows "No Network" on the display.

Cell phone jammers prevent and disable any mobile phone communications from entering specific areas of a building or open space to



  1. Take proactive steps to counter industrial espionage by implementing stringent measures to deter the use of mobile devices as eavesdropping tools or for unauthorized photography purposes.

  2. The endeavor to combat terrorist threats encompasses the mitigation of actions such as remotely triggering explosive devices in areas of heightened vulnerability.

  3. The eradication of public nuisances in establishments such as movie theaters, restaurants, and churches is essential.



This item is available in a range of sizes and shapes. You can find pocket-sized versions as well as larger ones. Moreover, some models are cleverly disguised as regular cell phones or briefcases.

Things to consider before buying a cell phone jammer:

  • What is the effective interference range (more than 10-50 meters)

  • Which cellular systems can it block (cdma in north america, gsm in europe and asia, tdma, 4G, 3G, pcs, dcs or all?)

  • How many cellular systems (cdma etc..) it can block simultaneously (low-end models can only block 1 type at a time, while more complex models will block multiple systems at a time)

  • Appearance: Regular device or one disguised as another type of device?

  • Dimensions and weight


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In a further testament to the advancing technological skills of criminals, authorities in Minnesota have revealed that burglars have been resorting to Wi-Fi jammers to momentarily incapacitate the connected security systems of unsuspecting homeowners. It is estimated that this method has been employed in a total of nine burglaries occurring over the course of the last six months.

The police department in Edina, Minnesota, has confirmed that the recent spate of burglaries spanning the past six months is not a result of random victim selection. Instead, the criminals are strategically choosing affluent neighborhoods and monitoring homes for periods of vacancy to carry out their break-ins without encountering anyone.

What makes this case fascinating is the utilization of Wi-Fi bluetooth jammer by the culprits to disrupt the security systems of the houses, particularly surveillance cameras. Following this, they abscond with safes, jewelry, and other luxurious possessions.

According to cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman, signal jammers do not actually block signals. Rather, they flood wireless networks, causing legitimate traffic to be unable to reach devices.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) strictly prohibits the operation, marketing, or sale of any jamming equipment that interferes with authorized radio communications, as stated by federal law. This prohibition encompasses various communication services such as cellular networks, personal communication services, police radar, and global positioning systems. It is crucial to understand that there are no exemptions for using such equipment within business premises, classrooms, residences, or vehicles. Furthermore, local law enforcement agencies lack the authority to independently employ jamming equipment.

Nevertheless, one can still acquire Wi-Fi jammers through online channels outside the United States, with prices ranging from $40 to $1,000. Instances have been documented where these gadgets were utilized to evade connected home security systems, like Ring video doorbells, over the past few years.

There are various suggested strategies to mitigate the risks posed by Wi-Fi jammer burglaries. One such method involves utilizing a hardwired camera system positioned both indoors and outdoors, which directly connects to a local storage unit. It is also recommended to install security alarms and lighting fixtures that do not rely on wireless networks. Moreover, since these burglaries typically occur when houses are vacant, leaving lights or the television running can potentially deter potential intruders from targeting your home.



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Expanding the scope of cell phone jammer applications

Cell phone jammers were initially created for law enforcement to intercept messages from terrorists and criminals. Over time, they have undergone significant advancements. Nowadays, they play a crucial role not only in combating terrorism but also in various official and civilian applications. Their capability to block communications as a precautionary step against organized crime and to disable remote-controlled explosive devices makes them essential in contemporary security measures. Furthermore, there have been instances where signal jammers have prevented attempts to assassinate prominent figures, underscoring their vital function in high-risk security situations.

Technological advances enhance jamming capabilities

The efficiency of cell phone jammers is attributed to the sophisticated technology powering them. These gadgets emit precise signals that disrupt the functioning of the remote-controlled receiver, thus thwarting the implementation of any programmed instructions. It is crucial to note that this interference is limited to a specified zone, guaranteeing that devices beyond this shielded region remain unaffected. This accuracy is vital for upholding uninterrupted communication across a broader expanse while safeguarding the intended area.

Jammers employ uniquely coded signals to trick GSM device receivers, stopping mobile phones from linking up with their respective base stations. This advanced method guarantees that any effort to communicate through a cell phone within the jammed area is successfully disrupted, while authorized communications beyond the jammed area continue without interruption.

Applications Beyond Terrorism

  1. Educational Institutions:

    - Cell phone jammers are increasingly used in educational institutions to prevent cheating in exams. By blocking signals within exam rooms, authorities can ensure a fair exam environment.

  2. Prisons and Detention Centers:

    - In detention centers, jammers are essential to prevent inmates from making unauthorized calls, which could coordinate criminal activity outside the facility.

  3. Corporate Security:

    - Companies use jammers to protect sensitive information during high-level meetings, ensuring that no unauthorized recording or transmission occurs.

  4. Public Events and Venues:

    - During large public events such as concerts or sporting events, jammers can prevent disruptions and ensure the safety of attendees by blocking potential threats such as remote control devices.

  5. Hospitals:

    - In medical settings, jammers help maintain security in areas where cell phone signals could interfere with sensitive medical equipment.


It is evident that cell phone jammers offer numerous advantages; however, their utilization necessitates a careful balance between ethical and legal factors. The deployment of jammers is subject to regulations that differ across countries and regions. In numerous locations, their usage is restricted to authorized individuals and specific situations to prevent any potential abuse and guarantee uninterrupted access to emergency communications.

With the continuous advancement of technology, it is expected that cell phone jammers will undergo further improvements. These future enhancements may involve refining the targeting capabilities to minimize any unintended disruptions, enhancing the portability for quick deployment in dynamic scenarios, and strengthening the encryption to ensure that jamming signals remain impenetrable.

Cell phone jammers have transformed from a niche law enforcement tool to a versatile device with widespread use in security, privacy, and public safety. By leveraging advanced technology, these devices play a vital role in protecting against threats ranging from terrorism to cheating on exams. However, their use must be strictly regulated to balance security needs with individual rights and freedoms. As we move forward, the continued development of jamming technology promises to enhance our ability to protect and secure society from emerging challenges.



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Karyn Wall has lived in Lemon Grove for the past 20 years, and to her knowledge, her home has never been targeted by criminals. However, she recently learned how vulnerable her home is to would-be burglars.

"My husband and I feel very secure, but I know we may need to do something about the house, the interior, the lighting, etc.," Wall said.


Shanah Clevenger is a crime prevention specialist with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department who runs the free Lemon Grove Home Security Consultation Program. She'll consider anything that can be done to bolster home security, no matter the budget.

"Some of my suggestions are quick and easy and don't cost a lot," Clevenger said. "I just suggest: do what you can, or do it incrementally until you feel your home is secure."

That security measure includes protection against a relatively unknown type of wifi jammer. NBC 7 Responds spoke to cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley about these devices, who said that even though they are illegal in the U.S., there are several websites where you can buy them and have them delivered to your door.

"I mean, you shouldn't panic," Stickley said. "It's real, but the number of criminals who actually use it is relatively small."

How do Wi-Fi jammers work?

Jammers disable Wi-Fi devices by overloading the Wi-Fi frequency, or any radio frequency, and large jammers have a fairly wide range of interference, Stickley said.

"It could take out a whole house, or even a couple of houses around me, and take out all the Wi-Fi," Stickley said.

Once the Wi-Fi is down, criminals can break in without the cameras capturing it.

How to disable a WiFi jammer?

Wired cameras won't be affected by signal jammer, of course. Remember: The memory chip will record video whether or not there's Wi-Fi. Plus, some security systems offer systems that send owners notifications when Wi-Fi is down.

"If you get a notification that the Wi-Fi can't communicate with the camera, you can say, 'OK, something might be wrong,' and then you can call a neighbor and say, 'Hey, can you go check it out for me?'" Stickley said.

Wall said she couldn't imagine coming home one day to find her home ransacked by strangers.

"That would be horrible," Wall said. "That would be horrible because you'd be worried if there was someone else in the house and wouldn't want to go in. That would be a very scary situation."

Wall hopes to continue living safely in Lemon Grove for another 20 years.

The sheriff's department said technology is important to keep your family and home safe, but it's just as important that you and your neighbors look out for each other. They can also help start a neighborhood watch program.


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Wi-Fi blockers and jammers are a notable topic in news reports about burglars in 2024, but is your smart home security in jeopardy?

Wi-Fi blocking sounds dangerous, but it's unlikely to be a threat to your home

One of the big selling points of smart home security is that it can make your home safer and more convenient. But you may have seen reports in 2024 about burglars using new technology to block Wi-Fi signals, jamming valuable camera systems or video doorbell connections and rendering them useless. This news report discusses police warnings about break-ins using Wi-Fi jammers in Los Angeles and Glendale, and here's a scary-sounding story about jammer burglars hitting homes in Minneapolis.

If you're worried, you're like many other homeowners who worry that their devices -- especially Wi-Fi cameras and sensors -- won't alert them in the presence of mobile Wi-Fi blockers, catch the thief, or even call a monitoring station for help.

Wi-Fi jammers do exist, but they are unlikely to pose a threat to your home or any of your devices.

Let's summarize your reasons to stay calm:

  • The above reports are general messages from police to their communities, with little evidence of Wi-Fi jammers being used and only wealthy neighborhoods being robbed. In some cases, local reports explicitly state that police are only saying thieves "might" have used jammers, not that they've caught anyone in the act of committing robberies. Some burglar arrests, like this one in Connecticut in 2023, do provide evidence of jammer devices, but this is one of the very few that has been confirmed.

  • Smart home encryption helps prevent such attacks and can notify owners of problems immediately.

  • Burglars may not have the time or resources to buy and learn new technology. They'll smash your windows or drill your door latches-blocking Wi-Fi isn't their plan.

  • More likely, a suspected smart home security malfunction is the result of a dead wireless device battery or a failure of motion detection to activate due to a motion zone or detection sensitivity issue.

  • According to a 2019 FBI report, burglaries account for only 16% of property crimes, with only about 60% of those involving residential thefts and only about half of burglaries involving any kind of forced entry. It's also worth noting that between 2010 and 2020, burglaries overall dropped by about 50%.

However, Wi-Fi jamming technology does exist, and despite FCC laws prohibiting the sale of such technology, thieves can still find and purchase jammers online.


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