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Today's children play mobile phones and surf the Internet from a young age, and are especially interested in games. This requires the opening and closing of the jammer to be easily controlled. Or the shield can be installed in the position facing the child's door, which has little effect on the shielding effect and can also prevent the child from damaging the wifi blocker. If the jammer cannot be used through the wall, it must be installed in the child's room. The second is the interference signal, because it is to prevent children from playing on mobile phones at home, it is necessary to be able to block WiFi signals and mobile network signals at the same time, which can effectively prevent children from connecting to WiFi or using mobile phone traffic to surf the Internet.

In this case, it can meet the interference range requirements of a large number of people. It is suitable to shield the signal in the child's room without affecting the surrounding neighbors. The first is the jammer's power, which directly affects the shielding distance of the shield. It is understandable to hope to purchase a home mobile phone signal jammer to interfere or cut off the mobile phone signal, thereby preventing children from surfing the Internet. Still, there are some points to pay attention to when using the mobile phone signal jammer. Generally, parents communicate with their children well, so that children can learn self-discipline.

The introduction of 4G is encouraged not only in developed countries but also in many markets. In this state, the phone can browse web pages, videos and play games online without Internet access. The signal jammer can be turned on after booting, which can not only block the WiFi signal but also complete the synchronization effect of blocking the mobile phone signal."Human-machine communication" gradually replaced "interpersonal communication" leading to neglect of family affection. Its function has changed from answering calls and texting to reading Weibo, playing games and even shopping. From the initial calls, sending and receiving text messages, to later music, video playback and recording, and Internet access, it has greatly affected people's lives.

The most popular 8 band jammers

People living in society have group needs, and isolation and lack of information are non-social characteristics. The functions of mobile phones are getting richer and richer. Newspapers, radio and television media report a large number of current affairs news every day, so that people can understand what is happening in the world and eliminate the uncertainty of people's information."Use and Satisfaction" studies view audience members as individuals with specific "needs" and their media engagement activities as the process of "using" media based on the motivation of specific needs so that those needs are "satisfied".

It is necessary to correctly understand the various functions of the mobile phone and play its positive role. From a single call function in the past, to today's integration of calls, text messages, photos, Internet access, listening to songs, and e-books, mobile phones not only greatly meet people's communication needs, but also meet people's entertainment needs. While promoting communication also shortens people's life distance, unintentionally widens their emotional distance, unifies facial expressions, and dulls spoken language. Mobile phone information carriers are more convenient, direct and fast than newspapers, radio and television information carriers.

However, some parents reflect the actual difficulties, and the children are sometimes not so obedient. The market for low-cost products in emerging countries is the main battlefield. With the popularization of smartphones, communications will develop rapidly. If you always hear the prompt "The user you dialed is temporarily out of service area" when calling your friend's mobile phone, don't think that he must be in the remote signal blind area. Maybe he just turned on jammer gps that blocked the signal and turned the phone off. With the development of science and technology, smartphones have gradually replaced traditional PCs and penetrated into all aspects of people's entertainment life.

If it interferes with the neighbor's signal, it will be troublesome. Faced with this kind of problem, I believe that many parents are aware of the seriousness of the matter, and it is urgent to control their children's Internet access, but directly confiscating their children's mobile phones will cause their children to be unhappy, and they end up crying to end the "battle".In this modern society, with the rapid development of communication systems, cell phones have been widely used all over the world, but the continued use of cell phones has tormented many people. cell phone jammer are very important devices in modern electronic products.

It can only be turned on after the child plays with the mobile phone beyond the allowable time, and the jammer is turned off after the child sleeps, which can also prevent too much influence on the surrounding neighbors. Maybe as a parent, as long as you love to play, your kids will love to play too. But if the child is addicted to playing, it is difficult for you to control it.In some respects, playing games can cultivate children's intelligence, but it is more harmful, because children's curiosity is very important , and self-control is poor, which will lead to children becoming addicted to mobile phones and indulging in the online world, which does not only does not enhance the child's intelligence but also affects the child's physical and mental health.

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Children don't sleep in the middle of the night, play games on mobile phones, delay rest and study, and don't listen to parents' discipline.If you want the cell phone jammer to cover a larger area, the simple and straightforward way is to use a more powerful jammer.Or is it too low to put it directly on the ground? This will cause too many obstacles in the signal transmission path, serious signal attenuation, and affect the shielding effect.If the antenna gain is only 1-2dB, then replace the antenna with a gain value of 3-5dB, and the shielding effect will be significantly improved.The answer is to look for it in two ways.

The main principle of the shielding instrument is to scramble a certain frequency band (most of the upstream frequency bands) and transmit useless signals.For example, whether the mobile phone jammer is a qualified product of a regular manufacturer, whether its working frequency band is completely correct, and whether it has a frequency bandwidth.However, if you are not connected to a WiFi network, leaving on wifi blocker can drain your battery.However, due to the influence of the communication base station near the usage scene or other factors, the shielding range may not achieve the expected effect.

More often than not, these models are able to block all sorts of signals including Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Radio Communication.After the mobile phone shielding device is turned on, the effective coverage of the shielded signal is usually tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters.However, there is currently no officially published test method to study the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of an assembled shield on a portable wireless device PCB.In a recent study, when traditional test methods were used to understand shielding requirements in battery-operated portable wireless designs, several shortcomings were identified.

3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer

As long as the shielding range of the home signal jammer can shield the child's room, the area is basically within 20 square meters.This means that high-frequency components are now crammed into very tight spaces, which in turn reduces the size of the printed circuit board (PCB) required.Currently, to enhance PCB shielding, mobile phones use two main methods - soldered perforated cans and plated covers with EMI gaskets.Then, the most reasonable installation location is to select the installation location of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room.Therefore, because of these two points, this most ideal location is the first to be rejected.

However, some customers will always find that after the mobile phone signal blocker in the test room are turned on, the shielding effect is not ideal in the actual use process.Analysis from the signal transmission path: The mobile phone signals in the classroom of the examination room are all remote base station signals, and are transmitted to the classroom through doors and windows.If it can be installed on the ceiling in the middle, this can achieve the effect of complete coverage with a relatively small number of points, otherwise, the installation method of hanging on the walls on both sides is used.

For a conference room of about 100-300 square meters, usually 1-2 low-power cell phone signal jammers are installed, which can basically meet the shielding effect of the entire conference room.If you want to reduce the impact on the outside world, you can install it as a directional antenna.If the conference room is above the ceiling or has a movable ceiling, then the shield can be directly installed in the ceiling or ceiling.In addition, the installation location should be determined according to the on-site environment.


8 Bands Jammer Device

For a single space of more than 300 square meters, the installation point of the shield can be selected by the method of equidistant distribution according to the length and width of the site.The mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room is generally installed according to the original design drawings.This method is absolutely not recommended, because hidden in the desk is not only unfavorable for the heat dissipation of the mobile phone signal shield in the examination room, but if the desk is made of metal, it is even more unfavorable for signal transmission, which directly affects the shielding effect.

The middle of the wall on the side of the base station, so that the shielding effect of the shielding device can be maximized.Therefore, when choosing a home mobile phonegps blocker, you can choose one with lower power, so that the price of the jammer gps will be lower.In the construction process of most standardized test rooms, the project of installing mobile phone signal blockers in the test room is included.If you exclude the factors of poor shielding equipment selection and working performance, how to install the shielding equipment and how to choose the installation location of the shielding equipment will become the main factors affecting the shielding effect.

Most of the test methods available today were developed to identify the materials that make up the EMI enclosure.For example, the shielded signal frequency bands are all band shielded, which means that 2/3/4/5G mobile phone signals and WiFi signals can be shielded; The difference lies in the shielding range.The shielding range of the signal jammer in the examination room is generally about 100 square meters, covering the entire classroom examination room.If the shielding area is too large, it may affect the normal use of mobile phones by neighbors, and it is easy to be complained.

At this time, people always want to use some methods to expand the coverage of the shielded signal, so that the shielding effect of the mobile phone jammer can be greatly improved.Cost - So, first things first, how much would it cost you? You can get the cheapest jammers (those which can only block a very specific type of signal - mobile signal, for example) for around $30 to $60.On the other hand, they tend to work on batteries, only for a short amount of time, and cover small area alone (around the size of a person's body).There is no difference between the home mobile phone signal blocker and the test room mobile phone signal blocker in many places.

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