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Congressman David Kustoff (R-TN) and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) have introduced the Cellphone Jamming Reform Act, a bill aimed at addressing the issue of contraband cellphone use in federal and state prison facilities. The purpose of this legislation is to allow prisons to utilize cellphone jamming systems in order to protect inmates, guards, and the wider public from potential harm.

According to Congressman Kustoff, putting an end to the illicit use of contraband cellphones within correctional facilities will have an immediate impact on reducing crime rates, enhancing public safety, and relieving the burden on our overwhelmed correctional systems. He stresses that this act represents a crucial initial step towards tackling the current crime crisis faced by America. Congressman Kustoff expresses his pride in collaborating with Senator Cotton to introduce such pivotal legislation and urges fellow members of Congress to offer their support.

Senator Cotton highlights how prisoners have been exploiting contraband cellphones for engaging in illegal activities outside prison walls, including orchestrating attacks on rivals, promoting sex trafficking operations, facilitating drug trade, and conducting business transactions. The use of cellphone gps jamming devices can effectively halt these criminal endeavors; however, current regulations under the Federal Communications Act prevent correctional facilities from employing this technology. This bill seeks to rectify this issue so that criminals serve their sentences without posing any risk whatsoever to society at large.

The Cellphone Jamming Reform Act has received endorsements from multiple state attorneys general, including Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor. The Act is also supported by the Major County Sheriffs of America, National Sheriffs' Association and the Council of Prison Locals.

According to Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti

"The only way to stop the illegal use of cell phones in prisons is through jamming signal. When individuals are incarcerated, they should not be allowed to maintain contact with criminal organizations on the outside. I commend Congressman Kustoff for his unwavering commitment to protecting our nation from organized crime."

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin stated

"Congress needs to pass the Cell Phone Jamming Reform Act without delay. Prisoners are using contraband phones to carry out criminal activities from behind bars. We have the technology to enhance security and put an end to this illicit behavior; it's time we utilize it. I haven't heard any valid reasons why we should facilitate criminals and enable convicted felons to continue their criminal enterprises while in custody."

Power Adjustable Jammer


  • The use of contraband cellphones is a pervasive issue within both federal and state prison facilities. Inmates exploit these devices to engage in a wide range of illicit activities, such as orchestrating hits on individuals outside the confines of the prison walls, operating illegal drug enterprises, facilitating unlawful business transactions, promoting sex trafficking, and coordinating escape attempts that put correctional staff, fellow inmates, and the public at risk. Incidents involving contraband cellphones have been reported nationwide.

  • Over the past five years in South Carolina alone, there have been four significant cases of drug trafficking where operations were conducted clandestinely within prison walls using contraband cellphones. Notably, the most recent operation was directly linked to a Mexican drug cartel. Furthermore, in 2018, inmates affiliated with gangs orchestrated a merciless assault resulting in the deaths of seven inmates and numerous injuries through their unauthorized use of cellphones in a maximum-security facility.

  • In Oklahoma, 69 defendants were found guilty of participating in a "drug trafficking operation that was primarily directed and controlled by incarcerated gang members using unauthorized cellphones from their state prison cells."

  • In Tennessee, an inmate utilized an illegal cellphone to orchestrate drug conspiracy deals by sending a package filled with methamphetamine to his significant other.

  • In Georgia, prisoners employed illicit cellphones to carry out fraudulent calls, demanding payment and even sending photos of injured inmates to their relatives while requesting money.

  • As indicated by the Indiana Department of Corrections, during the previous year (2022), a gang enforcer incarcerated within Indiana Department of Corrections ordered a double homicide through the use of an unauthorized cellphone within prison walls.

  • According to The Wall Street Journal's report, Martin Shkreli, the disgraced pharmaceutical executive who was sentenced to seven years for securities fraud, continued making decisions at Phoenixus AG with the assistance of an illegal cellphone.

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Top prosecutors across the country are again calling on Congress to pass legislation that would allow state prisons to interfere with cellphone signals smuggled to inmates. According to lawyers, the devices allow people to plan

violence and commit crimes.

"We simply need Congress to pass legislation giving states the authority to implement cell phone jamming systems to protect prisoners,

guards and the public at large," 22 prosecutors wrote in a statement. Wednesday's letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Wilson's office said it plans to contact Democratic prosecutors and does not believe the matter is partisan.

The letter, obtained by The Associated Press, cites several crimes that lawyers say were orchestrated by inmates using contraband cellphones, including a drug conspiracy in Tennessee and a double murder ordered by an inmate in


Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

They also led a gang siege at a South Carolina prison in 2018 that lasted more than seven hours and left seven inmates dead. One prisoner described the bodies as "literally stacked on top of each other, like a horrible pile of wood."

Corrections officials blamed illegal cellphones for the unfolding violence, the worst prison riot in the United States in 25 years.

"By preventing prisoners from using prohibited cell phones, we can prevent serious drug trafficking, deadly riots and other crimes," prosecutors wrote.

To render the phones - which are smuggled into hollow footballs, implanted by corrupt employees and sometimes dropped by drones - worthless, prosecutors are asking for changes to a nearly century-old law A historic federal

communications law that currently prohibits state prisons from using signal jamming technology to suppress illegal cellphone signals.

Efforts to crack down on illicit cellphones in state prisons have been going on for years, and South Carolina Corrections Director Bryan Stirling is leading an effort by correctional directors across the country to demand more

technology to combat their use of smuggled phones. the behavior of.

In a progressive victory in 2021, the FCC passed a decision allowing state prison systems to work with cellphone providers to sequentially apply for permission to identify and shut down illegal cellphone signals. South Carolina

was the first state to request use of the technology, but Sterling told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the state has not yet taken any action on the request.

Sterling said federal prisons can jam cellphone signals behind bars, but that is not currently the case.

CTIA, the wireless industry trade association, opposes interference, saying it could impede legitimate calls. However, CTIA told the commission that it has "successfully worked with its member companies" to "cease service for

prohibited devices pursuant to court orders received," according to a 2020 FCC filing.

CTIA and FCC officials did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment on the new wave of subversion.

Congress has previously considered blocking the legislation, but has yet to sign any bill or even hold hearings. U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., reintroduced the measure in the last Congress in August.

"We're not going to stop advocating for this," Wilson told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "I can only hope that at some point Congress will take notice."


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Mobile phone signal jammers are used in many places, but they cannot be used immediately after installation. We still need to go through certain testing and acceptance to determine its effectiveness and ensure its effectiveness.

It is very important to ensure whether the mobile phone signal jammers can truly effectively block mobile phone signals. When purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer, testing is a very important step.

  1. Test the blocking distance of the mobile phone signal jammer. Don't just try it with one or two network mobile phones. The mobile phone networks used are different, especially the 4G mobile phone network. The 4G network uses a broadband high-speed transmission method. If the mobile phone If the signal cellphone jammer is not powerful enough, it may not be able to block 4G;

  2. It is necessary to find all the mobile phones in the current network of mobile communication providers before testing. Make sure that each mobile phone network can meet the needs of at least one classroom to be considered successful. After turning on the phone to test the shielding effect, be sure to ensure that there is no signal on the mobile phone within half an hour and no time appears. sometimes not;

  3. Another important point is that if it is a mobile phone wireless signal jammer with a metal shell, touch the front and rear sides of the fuselage with your hands after 1 hour after turning it on. If the temperature is moderate and not hot, there will be no problem. If it is very hot, it will not pass, because the machine continues to heat up. It will cause the power of the mask to attenuate, make it unable to work stably, and easily cause burns.

8 Bands Jammer


The main functions of the four major signal frequency bands used by drones

  • 1. 2.4GHz frequency band

  • The 2.4GHz frequency band is one of the more common frequency bands used in drones. It is a type of radio frequency band used by drones and is mainly used for WiFi and Bluetooth communications. This frequency band has a wider coverage and a faster transmission rate, so it is widely used in remote control and image transmission of drones.

  • 2. 5.8GHz frequency band

  • The 5.8GHz frequency band is one of the most common frequency bands in drones. It is also used in WiFi and Bluetooth communications, and is also widely used in drone image transmission systems. Compared with the 2.4GHz band, the transmission rate of 5.8GHz is faster, but the coverage range is relatively small.

  • 3. GPS satellite signal frequency band-1.5G frequency band

  • The GPS satellite signal frequency band is a type of frequency band used for drone positioning. It can accurately locate the position of the drone, thereby enabling flight path planning and tracking. GPS satellite signals are also one of the keys for UAVs to achieve autonomous flight and formation control.

  • 4. Remote control signal frequency band-900 frequency band

  • The remote control signal frequency band is a type of radio frequency band used for remote control of drones. It connects the drone flight controller to the remote controller to achieve remote control of the drone within a certain range. This frequency band has a smaller application range, but it plays an important role in remote control of drones.



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Nowadays, almost every examination room will install an examination room signal jammer. However, this machine will become hot after being used for a period of time. The heat may affect the normal use of the machine. However, this is not certain. It's just that the heat dissipation capabilities vary depending on the brand. So, how does the signal jammer in the examination room dissipate heat? The old-fashioned signal jammer in the examination room could only rely on natural temperature to slowly cool down. But now, most examination room signal jammers are equipped with fans. Not only are these fans silent, but they also dissipate heat very well. It can help the instrument lower the temperature in time.

In addition, now schools are generally equipped with air conditioners. When the weather is too hot, the school will turn on the air conditioner or fan to ensure the safety of candidates. At this time, the temperature of the gsm signal jammer in the examination room will also drop. In fact, this thing is just like a mobile phone. In the summer, it will get hot as long as it is turned on. But it won't damage the machine. Especially for machines with better quality, you don't have to worry.

Power Adjustable Jammer

In real life, mobile phones have become an indispensable device in people's lives. However, using mobile phones in conference rooms often leads to serious problems, such as interfering with the progress of the meeting and affecting the attention of others. Therefore, using a mobile phone signal jammer is an effective solution to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly.

What should you pay attention to when using mobile phone signal jammer in a conference room?

Cell phone signal jammers can effectively block cell phone signals in the conference room to prevent cell phones from interfering with meetings. During the meeting, participants will not be able to use their mobile phones so that they can fully focus on the meeting. At the same time, this also helps protect the personal privacy of participants and prevent others from improperly obtaining meeting information.

Although the mobile phone signal jammer is called a jammer, it does not actually block the signal. Instead, it acts like a signal cellphone jammer.

Generally speaking, the connection between mobile phones will go through the signal tower, that is, the path of mobile phone-signal tower-mobile phone. The signal jammer will interfere with the connection path between the mobile phone and the signal tower, resulting in normal transmission. However, The signal tower is used by mobile phones within a certain range, so there are often situations where the mobile phone signal cannot be used normally even if you are not in the conference room.

Conference room cell phone signal jammers are not a panacea

Mobile phone signal jammers currently on the market can limit mobile phone signals that are 500M meters away from the transmitting station and have a radius of >20 meters. The shielding radius is adjustable. It only blocks mobile phone signals and does not affect other electronic devices. So if your mobile phone signal is not good recently when you are not near the examination room, don't blame the signal jammers. It may also be a problem with your own mobile phone.


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In general, the use of signal jammers in schools is illegal. Additionally, it raises concerns about how the school was able to procure them in the first place. Unless the school is situated within a correctional facility, the purchase of signal jammers should not have been permitted. It is important to understand that signal cellphone jammer are subject to rigorous regulations, and the penalties for their usage are significant if one is apprehended.

military jamming

It is probable that your school has imposed limitations on the wifi network, making it inaccessible for non-school devices. In our district, we have established multiple wifi networks. The Mobile Data Network is specifically designated for chromebooks used on campus, while the Staff Network is exclusively reserved for staff members. Furthermore, we have the BYOD network for guests, which can be deactivated by the school administration whenever necessary. Notably, network usage experiences a substantial increase during lunch breaks and passing periods.

It is generally illegal in most states to operate a radio transmitter without a license, unless it falls under the category of low-power type-approved devices within specific frequency bands. Examples of such devices include garage door openers, baby monitors, CB radios in certain countries, and WiFi. Cellular radio bills typically include an annual license fee, which must be paid. Obtaining approval to operate a device designed to cause interference is highly unlikely, as licenses for other devices often contain a clause stating that interference must not be caused. Therefore, if you choose to use a GPS jammers, you would likely be found guilty of operating an unapproved transmitter without a license, and potentially other offenses as well.

It is highly likely that operating a transmitter will result in your location being discovered by someone using a receiver, unless you have a low-power device in close proximity to a GPS receiver that cannot be detected from a distance greater than a few meters.

Some time ago, a Special Forces soldier faced accusations of unlawfully causing the death of an Afghan civilian. The soldier in question had observed the civilian carrying a cell phone and, considering the specific circumstances and environment, as well as other indicators that only experienced soldiers and law enforcement officers can recognize, concluded that the civilian was likely utilizing the cell phone to activate an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). This method of detonating IEDs is commonly employed. Despite the soldier's eventual acquittal during the formal hearings and trials, the unit could have avoided a great deal of time and trouble if they had employed a jammer.

Jammers are available in diverse styles and strengths, yet they share a common crucial feature. Their purpose is to disrupt a specific radio frequency. In essence, an effective jammer can block electronic communications from one or multiple sources, resulting in the prevention of cell phone usage, drone operations, and a wide array of other radio frequency devices.

When it comes to overseas, military, and contracting activities, the use of jammers is far less restrictive and stands as the most optimal means of preventing IED attacks that are triggered using radio frequency. A reliable jammer will successfully impede remote IED detonation, thereby depriving enemies of the anonymity they heavily rely on for their protection. Additionally, jammers will equally prove highly effective in preventing drone attacks or impeding the collection of visual and intelligence information.


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The Cellphone Jamming Reform Act of 2022, reintroduced by Congressman David Kustoff (TN-08), aims to address the issue of contraband cell phone use in federal and state prison facilities. This legislation would grant state and federal prisons the authority to implement cell phone jamming systems for the safety of inmates, guards, and the community.

Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) presented the companion bill in the U.S. Senate. Additionally, Representatives William Timmons (SC-04), Tom Rice (SC-07), Ralph Norman (SC-05), and Jeff Duncan (SC-03) have joined as co-sponsors of this legislation.

It was mentioned by Congressman Kustoff that in correctional facilities all over the United States, prisoners are using contraband cell phones for illegal purposes, such as managing drug operations, aiding in sex trafficking, and organizing escape attempts.The prevalence of contraband cell phones necessitates immediate action from Congress to prevent dangerous criminals from carrying out illegal activities while in custody, thus safeguarding the public.I am thrilled to work alongside Senators Cotton and Graham in reintroducing this important bill that will contribute to the safety of our communities in West Tennessee and the United States.

Prisoners have used contraband cell phones to direct unlawful activities outside prison walls, which involve orchestrating hits on rivals, engaging in sex trafficking, managing drug operations, and conducting business transactions.The Federal Communications Act currently prohibits facilities from using cellphone signal jamming devices to prevent this, despite their effectiveness. My proposed bill aims to address this issue, ensuring that criminals can serve their time without endangering the public.

This legislation is championed by the Correctional Leaders Association, the Council of Prison Locals, the American Correctional Association, the National Sheriff's Association, and the Major County Sheriffs of America.

The use of contraband cell phones is rampant within both federal and state prison facilities. Inmates have utilized these unauthorized devices to carry out illegal activities, including ordering hits on individuals outside the prison walls, running illegal drug operations, conducting illicit business deals, facilitating sex trafficking, and organizing escapes that endanger correctional employees, fellow inmates, and the general public.

The South Carolina Prison Incident was sparked by the combination of cell phones and contraband. A violent gang fight, centered around territorial disputes, erupted within the confines of the Lee Correctional Institution near Bishopville, South Carolina. The utilization of cell phones to facilitate the illegal exchange of contraband played a significant role in escalating the conflict. Sadly, this altercation led to the loss of seven inmates' lives and caused injuries to 20 others.

The murder of Lt. Osvaldo Albarati in 2013 was a result of his intervention in an unlawful contraband cell phone operation. The inmate behind the killing used a contraband cell phone to communicate with the hired assailant, leading to the fatal outcome, as indicated in the official records.

According to a 2018 report, an inmate at FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey coordinated a murder and assault using a smuggled phone while incarcerated. Another prisoner at the same facility was alleged to have possessed and distributed child pornography through a contraband phone. Furthermore, six other inmates admitted their guilt in separate incidents.


The impact of contraband cell phones extends beyond aiding violent criminals in their nefarious pursuits. According to The Wall Street Journal, Martin Shkreli, the disgraced pharmaceutical executive who was sentenced to seven years for securities fraud, continued to exert influence over decision-making processes at Phoenixus AG through the use of an illicit cell phone.



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