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Płeć: Mężczyzna
Kraj: Chiny flag
Miasto: New York
Data urodzin: 1993-05-14
Stat. profilu: Aktywny

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Perfectjammer Is A Professional Jammers Store, Main Business Is Various Types Of Jammers Wholesale And Retail, We Will Strive To Provide Your With Quality Product And The Cheapest Price.


04 grudnia 2023 Bez nazwy; 0 komentarzy
Russian vehicles have been equipped with homemade drone-jammer, as reported. In a retaliatory move, the Ukrainians have been emp... czytaj więcej
02 grudnia 2023 Bez nazwy; 0 komentarzy
In response to the grave danger posed by pursuing explosive drones, Russia seems to be implementing jamming technology on its ta... czytaj więcej
01 grudnia 2023 Bez nazwy; 0 komentarzy
The field of drone technology is rapidly advancing and presents numerous possibilities across various sectors, such as military ... czytaj więcej
30 listopada 2023 Bez nazwy; 0 komentarzy
Cell-jamming technology is being employed by the suspects involved in the break-in to effectively elude surveillance cameras and... czytaj więcej
29 listopada 2023 Bez nazwy; 0 komentarzy
In today's society, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for individuals. However, their usage within conference room... czytaj więcej

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