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Mmoexp Elden Ring Items: Maliketh's Black Blade
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Maliketh's Black Blade (A Tier)

Destined Death weapons are also updated in this 1.07 patch. The colossal swords have been buffed and nerfed in Elden Ring Items this patch, they have much more effective Poise damage to stagger, and whole people in place leading to multiple hits that are great against bosses, some of the base moveset's been improved in their motion speed which is very important. But at the same time, the Crouch poke spam is now newly nerfed. The play style of these weapons has changed a bit and it's more in line with how it should actually be. This weapon specifically is Ash of War the motion speed was improved so it comes out quickly, and the Destined Death effect now has been buffed so it lasts a lot longer like upwards of a minute from say 15 to 20 seconds before, that is a major difference. So we think it deserves an A-grade spot.

Black Knife (A Tier)

Black Knife also got improved in this patch for its Destined Death effect, also lasting a lot longer in the same way, but that's the only change. Now in a previous patch, the Ash of War was made a lot quicker and it does have some hyper armor on it, so the Ash of War on this weapon is one of the best in the game because you get the deaths and death effect you get the damage and you get damage over time, you can simply spam this Ash of War and do really well or you could pair it up with another black knife and do loads of power stands striking. This is the best dagger that you can use in the game especially for Faith undeniably.

Magma Blade (A Tier)

As a curved sword in power sense, it has an incredible moveset where you can attack super quick and therefore get loads of DPS. As a fire and physical weapon, it's super buffable so with all those hits hitting a lot you can make them do deadly damage. The Ash of War is an incredible combo tool or trading tool making it really effective in PvP where you can just constantly barrage your opponent with attacks and then as soon as it's finally their turn Ash of War spin into them and spread lava everywhere. Of course there are so many sections of buy Elden Ring Items PVE where fire is super effective and therefore this weapon is just a machine and it looks cool too.

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