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Utworzono: 25 styczeń 2021
Lokalizacja: __, usually obvious which one is OSRS gold
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The jobs always have a second task option you are able to do and its usually obvious which one is OSRS gold more economical vs faster. Summoning ones are usually fairly pricey but you may sell the goods after for some relief, but 3,600+ components can take some time to create while also being expensive upfront.

This would honestly pry be the optimal solution. When they came out with essentially RS3 as is currently, maybe with some enormous new update/overhaul, as being RS4 except having extremely restricted MTX or even none in any way, I'd honestly subscribe again simply to check it out.

I've wanted to check out Rsgoldfast RS3 again, particularly with dovy showing some of the content with his new Ironman, but I've tried logging on a few times and involving the MTX and complete clusterfuck hoping to determine what you can/should be doing in the game jumping in a mid level character from 8 years back, I have just logged out each time.

I'd really like to really give it an opportunity or create an Ironman account for it, but then I'd need to play Ironman and lose all of my loyalty points out of OSRS membership which is like essential for mid-end game material together with the p2w stuff.

The sport is not broken. It's a couple of issues, but overall it is a fantastic game. I guess we could stop spiders more. Maybe impose trade limitations, where you can't give substantial excess amounts of worth to accounts you haven't had added for 6months or so. That would work.
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