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Utworzono: 07 styczeń 2021
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Krótko o grupie: If I want to Mut 21 coins generate
Agree with everything . If I want to Mut 21 coins generate a milder participant, I ought to be in a position to achieve that. Obviously realistically as to not break the game, which is the reason why I'm guessing they are frightened of placing it in.

That I love the idea of cartoons being added for running and passing. It's just stupid it is not there. They have the entire league to operate with, surely they could bring some guys in for a quick mokap session. To proceed with this, more gamers need body and face scans.

Fantasy drafts also need to be customized so that I can select the draft sequence rather than it being completely random every time.

This one goes for the entire game, remove the drama reading of this AI. The AI shouldn't be able to buy Madden 21 coins understand what I'd predicted. Tired of playaction obtaining the house caused and tired of this AI knowing every time I have somebody on a"move" route. Makes playing All-Madden exceptionally restrictive.

On the Subject of players that are heavier, weight ought to affect strength; I shouldn't have a NT that's 280lbs with 95 strength plugging the interior of my line; it'd be Wonderful to Have some type of hidden slider that affects the burden:intensity correlation.
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