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I main a warrior and sometimes just farm felcloth for hours in Aszhara. I really enjoyed the classic wow gold everyday quests during TBC TBC since it gave me a reason to get out in the open world and I can't wait for this again.This strikes accurate, he pvp'd a bit, farms lashers that is among the worst farms and isn't revered with AD yet.

Frankly I just spammed AV for the rep things. Didn't really enjoy it as alliance because we have farmed all of the time:D Ressing on horde and using PI and spamming nova had been enjoyable however few inbetween.

I'm surprised in the AD rep too - I am revered with no run these dungeons too much. Only gotta be sure to have your trinket equipped. But in regards to lashers - that's pretty much the only farm available to curing priests.

Even the"raid-loggers" within my two guilds still frequently ran Strat/Scholo/UBRS up until May/June. The majority of the time that it's not even for gear or rep, just to hang out with fellow guildies. Your situation honestly sounds like an engagement issue. If you truly do feel burned out despite needing raid-logged for more than 6 months, it's time to have a break. You can not have this FOMO to get Naxx while doing barely anything to catch up.

Segmenting raid difficulty is mywowgold exactly the solution to keep everyone engaged with the game regardless of their commitment levels, similar to your situation. Then all of the sudden you get a lot of folks whining all day about how the game was"destroyed".

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