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Utworzono: 18 listopad 2020
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There are those games like Animal Crossing New Horizons Items Adventure Capitalist where you actually create quadrillions, I feel as you would get some money for that Inflation would happen whether the money was invested, if the money is kept in a bank the fastest way to prevent inflation would be to create enough cash to obtain the bank so that the bank does not spend the money and cause inflation.

, you're always investigated for possessing large properties from anonymous sources, and eventually you had been so frustrated you quit any game, ever.

, but it works exactly the identical manner with debt. Remember that game of Civilization you played in 1997, where your empire went bankrupt?

You now owe enough money to create financial ruin for an entire top 10 nation. Money you earn are worth next to nothing, since you are broke and have a'crap' credit rating. Interest is extreme.I could only download some easily modded game and use it to gain a sh*tload of ingame money to pay off my debt, then some Energy is the money, so I guess.

Congratulations, you get thousands of video game coins in their bodily form, but cheap Animal Crossing Bells aren't legal tender and so can't be used at all (unless you find a means to transport video game things to the real world)!

, but your equilibrium in the game constantly stays zero. So you can never buy upgrades/progress in the game which makes it almost impossible to make money at all.
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