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It doesn't excuse the Mut 21 coins complete - Portal rodziców / Grupy / It doesn't excuse the Mut 21 coins complete
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Kategoria: Hobby rodziców
Rodzaj grupy: Grupa publiczna (Pomoc)
Utworzono: 14 październik 2020
Lokalizacja: __, Mut 21 coins
Użytkownicy: 1
Krótko o grupie: It doesn't excuse the Mut 21 coins complete

It doesn't excuse the Mut 21 coins complete ineptitude of all EA sports - but the game is enjoyable to f you take some time away from it for a few years.Hasn't been a good  game in 11 decades. Madden 09 2nd gen consoles golden age. I skipped 20 purchased 21 on launch day played it never played it I  wish I could get my money back, hurry up 2k save us!I buy madden every year because I like soccer. Tbh this years gameplay feels a  bit better and a little more realistic. Still not about the level of the past 2k football game but... I am cool with it.


As soon as  you start trying to play online, you'll see it is no fun (and nearly impossible) to compete against people who may drop $500 on  card packs. Oh and all of the time/work you put in the group is gone when the new game comes out.Do not feel bad. You are  experiencing a game as it is, instead of comparing it to previous matches. Madden is a good football game. It just does not really  add attributes from year to year (like the majority of the sports songs ).I purchase it nearly every year and I am having fun  using Madden 21. Best gameplay with a mile. My only big complaint is the absence of innovation with the franchise mode. Otherwise  , I am pretty happy.People will buy football games is a simple fact. By NFL demonstrating EA are the only license they empower EA  to put as little effort as possible.What is sadder is EA's contract with the NFL was finally exercising and what happens?


The  dumbasses at the nfl just turn around and hand EA a different contract because they liked EA's strategy for"innovation" later on.  No what they enjoy is that EA makes them money by keeping innovation and costs to a minimum. All they have to do is copy paste the  only nfl game available on the market and people will buy it. Fuck EA.Stick using a year of Madden you enjoy and refuse to buy for  another 2 Decades or so.


If everyone did this they'd mend Madden afterward we could return to purchasing every year.Best I can do  for the time being. They track that things and it's a big thing. Folks say MUT is your issue but play Mmoexp Madden nfl 21 coins LOL.It will not change  because people will keep buying it plus people youtubers that get hundreds to open packs that they have for free and get dumb  characters to play MUT are gonna keep doing itThey ought to make FUT free to play and separate. Like war zone in contemporary  warfare.

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