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Utworzono: 29 wrzesień 2020
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I spent too long getting someone at every position to 85 total (I stopped playing for a fantastic chunk of tim, also ), never even got to All-star game for the nba 2k21 mt coins majority of them.  I had the weirdest situation because my game was 2k17 therefore we inserted me, a cutting man who essentially just dunked, and Justice, the guy   who's always on your team and shot lights out from 3, to the... Kings. I got drafted by the Kings. I had been so surrounded by okay-good shooters such as Ty Lawson, Darren   Collison, Tyreke Evans and Garrett Temple which we had been good lol.  This happened to me 6 years ago with 2K14 and it's still dogshit.

However, it is irrelevant because sports   games get bought regardless of caliber.  Yeah that tends to happen when one publisher owns all of the rights to a franchise, should they make dog shit with it there is almost 0   competition.  To be honest, 2k does not have exclusive NBA rights, EA has them also, it is just that EA is 1000x worse at creating a basketball sim than 2k.  Nhl15 was the final   better sims imo. This really is a pro mode is excellent.  They didn't though. They had the groundwork constructed to crush EA like they did in NBA.  However what was lacking   were a Career manner and an Ultimate Team mode. Latter being critical since that's how these games make the majority of their revenue these days, from people that spend   thousands to make their card group just so that they can do the same when the next year's match. Add to the graphics weren't on par concerning models and animations and the game   had a clunkier feel. 

I gave up on EA NHL in like 15 (only played it to the 6v6 mode anyhow ) since they at that point had barely made any improvements to the gameplay for 2   years. I looked up what the game looks today and the core gameplay is still nearly equal to NHL 07. That is 14 fucking years of releasing the same game with some updated   features and additional animations. 

The goalies were shit in 2006 and they are still shit now. To me it is unbelievable they are still not moving like they're actual beings but buy nba 2k21 mt  they're just your basic game thing glued to adhere to the puck regardless of how a person could physically go. NHL2k did so a decade back, literally if you merely reproduced   what they had 10 years past the game improves immediately.

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