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I love to have fun in OSRS gold this game - Portal rodziców / Grupy / I love to have fun in OSRS gold this game
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Kategoria: Regionalne
Rodzaj grupy: Grupa publiczna (Pomoc)
Utworzono: 11 wrzesień 2020
Lokalizacja: __, OSRS gold
Użytkownicy: 1
Krótko o grupie: OSRS gold
 I love to have fun in OSRS gold this game,apparently unlike you.That was not supposed gameplay so rc obtained the runespan.Everybody trains building using proteans,and they then release this?Construction is yelling for a rework and instead they make it even more outdated.That I feel that the game is really showing its age.
So many skills and areas and the player versions require re-working.But they're all such big projects which don't provide enough advantage to Jagex.It stops the deterioration of the player base but doesn't bring new players like fresh content does.Just as the top updates for me in a while have been mining and smithing rework and the bank enrolls,I do not understand if Jagex believe them a victory due to developer time.
This upgrade feels like a band-aid on a collapsing dam.It sucks since they think they are making great decisions and what the gamers want and in reality they're only driving more present players off and new players are not even interestedPoH's are currently sadly pletely useless.Building training and butlers,the last remaining'content'for these in RS3 have been made dead using this update.It is a pletely different reality in OSRS.As an example,all PvM Hub(War's Retreat)content could have been added to the ability,such as teleports and so forth,just as it's in OSRS.Your PoH would have been your base for all battle.RS3 is being an XP simulator today.
Content and layout no more matter it sounds-it's all about adding more'easyscape'MTX and pelling abilities to 120(the sole major update the Buy Runescape gold game's received lately,and no surprise that it was the maximum priority).Just wait till Jagex releases and pletely new Runescape and it's nothing but p2w mtx within an absolutely amazing game,then they squander their absolutely perfect chance to have a fresh runescape era.
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