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Utworzono: 15 maj 2020
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Krótko o grupie: Animal Crossing Items
You can see how many villagers you'll need to interest K.K Slider by Animal Crossing Items checking in using Isabelle in the counter in Resident Services. Ask her about the'island evaluation' and she'll list the ways you need to improve your island to get that three-star rating all. Then you want to keep on bringing residents to the staircase, if Isabelle informs you that opinions is limited. 

Seven to ten villagers will be the amount that is recommended. Plots of land for new houses is an alternate way. In Tom Nook's construction counter pick'let us speak infrastructure' and pick the'sell some land' alternative. Tom Nook will ask for 10,000 Bells before you'll be allowed to prepare a prospective resident a plot of land, so you'll need to use your very best Bell-earning skills.

Take the tent Nook provides you to a suitable area once you've handed over the cash, place it up and wait for the house to be offered. You may also be able to find villagers on the game's procedurally generated islands should you utilize Nook Miles Tickets to cheap Animal Crossing Bells get to them, however it is not certain that prospective citizens will be there along with the other approaches can be more successful.

How can I apply the Isle Designer app and improve my island's score?
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