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Utworzono: 25 marzec 2020
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Krótko o grupie: Humans are faulty and Mut 20 coins
Humans are faulty and Mut 20 coins as a result of this, there are times when mistakes happen. Not since they were intentional or malicious, but simply because people could be dumb sometimes. Giving players the ability to rewind a week would be fantastic and it would be flourished because of by franchises that are internet. Making sure their games were played simply to sim and discover someone out and coordinating with a lot of different people hadn't finished yet stinks. Together with the ability to rewind a week you could eliminate these types of issues rather than make feel like a herculean event.

The sport doesn't include guaranteed and non-guaranteed years and a means isn't. Offering contracts to players is also and there's absolutely not any way to include incentive-based bonuses. The whole contract system requires an overhaul and refreshes to reflect the types.

The AI in Madden when it comes to franchise mode is arguably its most glaring weakness. Each year it appears that more and more idiotic and unrealistic trades that ruin the general immersion of their franchise mode are made by the computer-controlled teams. Teams are prone to trading for players in a position where they have a fantastic starter, and frequently the trades themselves are greatly one-sided. In order that they conduct themselves somewhat 16,, the AI, generally speaking, needs a complete overhaul.

The world of college football as gamers make their way is filled with tales and rumors about lots of the NFL stars and role players. Madden doesn't offer enough storylines or interesting info to create scouting entertaining or captivating. It would be good to Mmoexp see them make them ample and unique and also introduce stories centered on the prospects in the draft. The addition of stories surrounding a top quarterback who played at a pass-happy crime, or even a defensive player who never saw demanding competition would be welcome.
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