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To purchase a bow that is poe currency totally crafted will run you. One minus the double damage modifier will be considerably cheaper, but you will need to update at some point down the line.The next pricey piece is your ring. You are going to want to acquire a ring with"Curse Enemies with flat 12 Assassin's Mark on Strike." Crafting a shaped ring of at least item level 80 can only does this. Ideally you'll want an Diamond or Opal ring, and possess that stat on it. Then you can multi-mod it for damage.

To your helmet, you want Fractal Thoughts. You'll want the enchant that states when fully charged, Scourge Arrow fires an extra pod, but it isn't essential to begin the build. Your amulet will probably be a Marylene's Fallacy, with a Heart of Ice anointment. 

The rest of your equipment is merely whatever you can get for high damage and large dodge chance.Apart from the above items, your ideal equipment will incorporate a Headhunter as the buckle. Your quiver are a Voidfletch using the"Bow Attacks Fire an Additional Arrow" corruption. Your gloves would be tombfists with +1 to maximum Frenzy Charges and"Attacks have +percent to Critical Strike Chance." You have made a ton of money, meaning it will cost an arm and a leg to purchase if you can reach this corruption.

Your boots will either be buy poe chaos orbs well rolled temple boots to get dodge chance, or two-socket Bubonic Trails. You will want a Watcher's Eye with Hated mods that are good, and some Precision mods. Lastly, you'll want a Bottled Faith flask as well.
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