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Folks can't be bothered to OSRS gold - Portal rodziców / Grupy / Folks can't be bothered to OSRS gold
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Rodzaj grupy: Grupa publiczna (Pomoc)
Utworzono: 09 luty 2020
Lokalizacja: Algeria, OSRS gold
Użytkownicy: 1
Krótko o grupie: OSRS gold
This! The reason people don't like since it had a crap launch, EoC IMO is, and folks can't be bothered to OSRS gold learn how to utilize it. It's reputation has been completely destroyed due to both of these factors alone. I played legacy combat for such a long time, eventually decided to try EoC because I was going for the battle cape and was training for it in the Abyss. I wouldn't return to heritage again.I think EOC still isn't that great for being such a significant part of runescape. It is more engaging than heritage combat, but lots of it is some complexity for the sake of adding complexity.

There are a lot of skills which do the exact same and they all have descriptions that makes the battle system unintuitive. I would like if it was just basically 1 action bar worth of abilities per ability and with an automated setup option which really creates a useable bar.Also this but for a different reason. A lot of the current graphical direction came in the EOC release IIRC since it upgraded almost every weapon and armor set (with a few quirks) and Rs2 graphics are incredibly dated wherever they're still in game.

The people I'm friends and play with agree: pvm would have expired if the combat system stayed. OSRS is fighting to earn combat difficult for high level play. There's much more opportunity with EoC.On the quest side of things I will say The Lord of Vampyrium was the Buy Runescape gold ideal pursuit of the decade. The Myreque show was one of its the best quest in the sequence and the very well liked series. This was definitely it for me although Likely something will disagree with because something like quests is actually damn subjective.

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