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At SB Nation Arizona to madden mobile coins
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At SB Nation Arizona, my colleague Seth Pollack has documented how ridiculous the idea that Phoenix would part with Nash is. But madden mobile coins based on this season's early returns, it's hard to argue that reuniting that devastating duo, under D'Antoni's stewardship, wouldn't benefit both players, not to mention the fans.NBA Scores And More: Derrick Rose Shows Complete Repertoire As Chicago Bulls Open Road Trip Well -


Chicago Bulls 95, Houston Rockets 92No, Derrick Rose won't score 17 fourth-quarter points in the way he scored 17 points against the Houston Rockets last night. Rose hit three straight three-pointers, which won't happen, and the Rockets got a hand up on most of those shots. But it was still a significant moment in Rose's development into a superstar, because he was able to score in so many ways.


Here's how Rose's 33 points in the game break down: 12 on four three-pointers.Eight on on four mid-range jumpersEight on four layupsTwo on one floaterThree on free throwsThat's a pretty nice variety right there. Toss in seven assists, and you can see just how complete Rose's game could be. The problem with Rose has always been that he hasn't displayed this kind of diversity in his offensive game.


He can certainly drive, and he has become a better mid-range shooter, but he's struggled at times scoring at the Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins rim, and he certainly hasn't showed three-point range. He tends to jump off two feet too much when driving, which allows the defense the split second they need to recover and bother his shot. Tonight, he jumped off one foot, and he was able to finish extremely well.

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komentowanie na blogu dostępne jest tylko dla przyjaciół
komentowanie na blogu dostępne jest tylko dla przyjaciół


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