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It appears that the group requires
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It appears that the group requires multiple combat styles now and it can be difficult to get teams to work together. (Even even though I'm spending more time trying and get dg teams together now than I do in the real world, having multiple combat styles will only make it worse). Since prayers aren't able to stop all attacks, armor is to be almost mandatory in the present.

They have also reduced the effectiveness and efficacy of prayer in PvM. While I would not mind that in pvp, they have lowered the power of prayer in the pvm. Prayer-boosting equipment is removed. This makes soul and turmoil split more expensive to use and also reduces the speed of slayer when you do not use them.

Thirdly, I dislike some of their choices concerning the combination of weapon and armour. Shields lose all offensive stats and I have no idea how defender works at present. All offensive stats go away from gloves and boots. The offensive boosts are now of an absolute rather than a relative nature (i.e. +2% instead of +8, and critical hit chance appears to be the sole offensive boost that is available. This seriously hurts more powerful, slower weapons such as rapier. Rapier's speed has been reduced to the speed of a CLS using stab instead slash.

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