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Full Ahrim's and shadow magic are two other things I've not seen often
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Full Ahrim's and shadow magic are two other things I've not seen often. This will likely decrease the enemy's Attack or Strength to RS gold zero, rendering them ineffective. Once you've lowered the stats of your opponent and weakened them, you can employ smoke and Ice spells to poison them and stop them dead in their lines.

The dragonhide issue is an issue. A meleer throwing on black D'hide is invincible to magic. I believe a nice 50 to all melee attack stats could solve this issue but is that not the case? The only other thing I can think of is the cost of using magic. This is the problem. I do not have any solution. Magic is similar to a nuclear weapon. Nukes could kill many people. It's not just one person. Magic requires more skill than melee and range. Mods: If you think that it's in the wrong place, please relocate it.

Woodcutting Guide. This guide isn't a guide to stats. This guide will help you earn woodcutting money. This is how it works: So, you want cash. There is no need to look further since this guide will help you with buy OSRS gold your woodworking and help you make more money.



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