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EA Sports promised many updates to Madden this year
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EA Sports promised many updates to Madden this year, which included franchise mode. In the last few years franchise mode has seen lesser and fewer updates and in the last season, fans reached an extreme point in their frustration. Then EA Sports said it listened and added improvements to this year's Franchise mode that should, hopefully for their sake, please fans.

Everything you require regarding Madden 22 as the release date approaches.

Madden 22 will be released across the globe on Friday, August 20, 2018. Pre-order Madden 22 to get three days of playtime on Tuesday, August 17th. In addition to early game access, you can also enjoy lots of other advantages with your pre-order. These features we go over in the following paragraphs.

There are three editions of Madden 22 available to purchase: Dynasty, MVP and Standard. Each edition upgraded comes with added perks, which is why they are more expensive. Below, we'll explain the specifics of each edition (all benefits available only to pre-order).

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