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Expectations for salary can change the game
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MyLeague has a problem with NBA 2K22 MT Coins youngsters being required to sign contracts. The issue comes up after the player has played for four to five years. Young players who are drafted in 2021 or 2022 desire maximum money even if this player only plays 12 minutes per night.


Expectations for salary can change the game. If a role-player earns an excessive amount of money, it's difficult to make moves in the free market , or trade market.


The only way out of a salary cap prison is to exchange the player for dollars. This is only a temporary moment of relief since this is likely to happen in the coming season with young players.


2K Sports must address the issue of contract terms for young players' value. I am a firm believer in building more criteria into the mechanic of Buy NBA 2K22 MT contract expectations. Young players should be prepared to be well-treated by the team.

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