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This right here is why WoW
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Ffxiv syncs everyone to WOW Classic TBC Gold the dungeon level and contains a rapid four party dungeon finder/queue system, which is such a great quality of life thing that it's a cinch to solo/group when as you need.

Mahbe wow does this today, but it had been such an supervision back once I tried it, like it is such an obvious thing to add to guarantee everyone can hit the identical story beats.

This right here is why WoW is becoming so shitty and getting just as bad as a money grab as everything else, such as EA, with"micro"transactions for every little thing with absolutely horrible and soulless content. That is a direct quotation from Bobby Kotick, that bought Mediagenic that turned into Activision, which bought a plethora of gaming studios, and merged with Vivendi, and is currently Activision Blizzard:

I'd really have to buy TBC Classic Gold read/research a whole lot more. I actually only know that it did occur; the when; how much it cost, etc., but I don't believe I ever saw the why. I didn't think Vivendi Games was ever that hard up for money, but I suppose something Activision had appeared enticing enough.

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