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Start the minigame by playing captain fishy
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Additionally, you will receive points for OSRS gold playing the game. These points can be used to buy new ranks or armor, weapons or any other item. It is only available in black, bronze or silver bolts. The ranks are Guard-in-training, new guy, and deputy. You also get a custom (this time you can utilize seven numbers. and 23 characters)

These minigames do not give you any xp, aside from combat. Please leave feedback and support. I'm sorry I couldn't properly capatalize, spell, and punctuaize everything correcty. Thank you for reading!

Hi I've been working on some work on a fishing trawlers, and I thought that it could be fun to take over and take on other people's vessels, just like cabin fever. This is it... Shipwrecker's starting point is portphasmytas chat to the captianfishy. He'll say he's in need of a team to work together for 20 minutes simultaneously. If you agree to help, you can start the minigame. You can also talk to his captain raidy brother and join the minigame.

Start the minigame by playing captain fishy, or the captain rady's vessel. The captain's Mate will then ask you if you are ready to buy RuneScape gold go. Once you say yes, the mini-game begins.

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