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I think at the beginning of NBA 2K20
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It is not different to any company in any profit driven industry - that the NBA is an interesting example since the CBA restricts the salaries based on overall revenue and cheap mt nba 2k21 you are definitely correct that owners maintaining more profit wouldn't make enthusiasts better off in general but if we were to keep the theoretical applications of trickle down economics and p regulation you'd observe a similar scenario to the EPL, in which the best profit manufacturers can purchase the best players and coaches, build the best stadiums and control the most for tickets. The comparison between the EPL and the NBA function as quite good analogies to free market v regulation - in the epl you have a higher concentration in talent in the very best teams with less complete competition from those groups that can not afford to buy players.

2k20 is a game. Its nothing terrible and its nothing imo. I think they will need to remove badges that enable players. (Pogo rod, Select pocket etc) These type of badges decrease the power gap that is so needle thin already. Play making shot creators should not be poking the ball away when I have HOF. One more thing about badges is that we have numerous pointless ones. Fast draw shouldn't be taking up a badge distance. We all liked the jump shot founder.

Takeover needs to be toned down a bit. Whether its slashing, sharpshooterglass or cleaner it has to be balanced. There is takeovers that light up WAY to fast. You need to need to be dominating NBA 2K20 to obtain takeover. The playground needs reverted back into the affiliation system. Does anyone recall when they competed for the best to have a playground that is new? I think it was 16. Rough riders got that park in addition to a massive building. Things like this go a long way. It created NBA 2K20 feel fresh. The neighborhood just creates unnecessary lag issues. Why do we need to walk around in a menu?

Stop letting releases move in. I think at the beginning of NBA 2K20 it had been near perfect. A couple of whites goes in but they had to be whites that are complete. You shouldn't be rewarded for having poor timing. I see 3/4 bars 30% contest going in greens. Your shots should not be going in over 40 percent of the moment although In case you cant green im sorry. Hop steps would be to OP. I use them because there absurd but they ought to get nerfed. You shouldn't be able dip it and to just levitate across the key. You can play with defense and still your gonna get skipped by.

So they are balanced, defensive builds need to be reverted and changed. They are always the dominant and its not close. Not every construct should be in a position to shoot. If you produce a paint monster with a 40 3 chunk they should not be able to mt for sale 2k21 green only because you've got the right jump shot. Fix the servers. They make a amount from VC. Make them better. They worry about what but there game's functionality.

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