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A guide for collecting in PSO2
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This is originally a comment I created for pso2 sales its Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread of March 18, 2020. However, I believe the message may also be useful if it's its own thread. Please note that this thread won't explain which rings are best for a particular class. If you would like to know more it is possible to assess the PSO2 Discord Channel. Last time there was a Google spreadsheet with a manual to class builds and which rings have been recommended, but it seems it has been removed. If someone knows the address of a fresh manual, please allow me to know and I will add it.

If you see something that is incorrect or could be improved, please let me know and I will attempt to incorporate it in the text. Bear in Mind that there is a Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread in the PSO2 subreddit. Please read it carefully: the query you might have is probably replied. And a Discord channel is for PSO2, in which it's very probable that they may provide you a detailed answer to your queries. Please be more respectful. I hope that you find this useful.

From the Gathering page of Arks-Visiphone:"Gathering is a system by which you can farm, in the literal sense of the period, unique items from Free Fields that can only be obtained through this method. These include Rocks, Gemstones, and Fish, which can subsequently be utilized at Shops in Franka's Cafe to create new equipment and consumables." From the PSO2 Collecting Mini Guide:"[...] With all these materials, they could create Cuisines that offer various effects, or a Skill Ring capable of copying or altering a skill or weapon's behaviour."

Though several foods are intended to be used to raise the likelihood of obtaining more substances when you go to crop or fishing, there are a number of foods which may be used to help on the battle. These can be put in your sub-palette and are effective immediately, so they are convenient. They are already an essential component of many endgame course, and as their convenience has enabled different playstyles to thrive builds on the JP server.

If you would like to learn what would be the impacts of the different cuisines, it is possible to consult with the Cuisine Section of this page devoted to Gathering. If you would like to understand about music and exactly what aspects they can enhance, you can consult the page devoted to cheap meseta pso2 Skill Rings. Please be aware that these pages are heavily devoted to your JP server, so you won't find some rings around the NA server, and some foods may not be found by you either.

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