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It's been pitched as gothic dark, and gloomy
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Even 2020 seems somewhat optimistic, if we are being truthful. For reference, Blizzard declared Diablo 3 back in 2008, and it was that Diablo Gold it was released, as we all know. It would appear incredibly efficient of Blizzard to release Diablo 4 just months after its proper reveal, but we've seen, it is not from the realm of possibility.


It's been pitched as gothic dark, and gloomy. A guy turns into a bear and mauls loads of ghouls. Blizzard wants everyone to understand that Diablo 4 will be serious, and has reacted to fan opinions on Diablo 3's look. Anticipate skulls. A Great Deal of skulls.


On the other hand, the action-RPG landscape has shifted as the launch of Diablo 3. Path of Exile and Grim Dawn possess plenty of gloom that is. We loved the cinematic trailer's Hellraiser terror at BlizzCon this calendar year, but will the game live up to this promise? A lot of people welcome that return to the atmosphere but of Diablo 2, looking back, was Diablo 2 actually grim, or are we searching through morose-tinted eyeglasses? Is this dark appearance a facade that hides an average? Let's discuss.


I really don't understand if Diablo 2 was really that'dark,' but it came at a time when, at least in the US, anything Satan-adjacent was still a taboo that is massive. I grew up in a Christian family, and in 13 I remember thinking"Hell yeahthis is some evil shit." Looking at it today, Diablo 2 is fairly benign. There's still something into environment art that is flat and the character versions, however --it's this era of games that grew up using creepypastas that is primordial, and we have to do a little labor to fill in the specifics. Games the conversations about them isolated, and felt a little more mysterious, particularly as kids.



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