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Internet Switch 16 Port
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Internet Switch 16 Port

New energy-saving design to lead low carbon communication

It uses no fan silent design to reduce the power consumption of the whole machine, at the same time,Next-Generation Firewall let you avoid the noise annoyance.

It abides EEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet), provides port low power consumption idle mode, greatly reduces power consumption.

The output power can be adjusted according to the cable length, and it supports for port hibernation when connectionless.

Non-blocking high-speed forwarding

All ports of the Internet Switch 16 Port provide the ability of two layers speed switching to ensure that all ports are transmitted without blocking. S1700 supports "optoelectric" GE uplink to facilitate customers' flexible access and greatly improve performance-to-price ratio. The switch supports three layers static routing function and supports ipv4 and ipv6 protocol stacks. It provides a maximum of 16 K MAC address and provides conditions with enterprise users for subsequent expansion. It greatly facilitates the extension and application of users.

Convenient means of management and maintenance

It provides convenient management and maintenance means, it is easy to operate PC, in front of the fuselage is the "one-button operation" button, short-click restart, long-click can resume factory configuration.

The web network management equipment can operate the internet switch 16 port functions simply and conveniently through the visual interface of the web.

All network management series switches support SNMP network management for configuration management of equipment, which provides convenience for small and medium-sized enterprise customers to set up centralized management. At the same time, it has friendly man-machine interface and web network management.

The internet switch 16 port supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and Web network management supports command line and the configuration and maintenance of console port to the switch machine.

Excellent safety performance

It supports abundant security features, such as 802.1x, RADIUS, Portal, NAC,etc security authentication modes. Also supports MAC address filtering and port filtering functions can effectively protect against hackers, virus attacks, provides security and reliable network services.



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