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I sincerely hope it NBA 2K18 MT was
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Server Too Busy'- Josh NewmanTM (@Joshua_Newman) March 25, 20133. Sad Tar Heel FanEven if this was a joke, which I sincerely hope it NBA 2K18 MT was, it's not a good idea, my man.You think I'm going to make a ginger joke here, but I'm not. It's Monday morning and ginger jokes don't really hit until after about 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Trust me, there have been books written on this.




BONUS JEER: Marshall HendersonHe refused to shake hands, he flipped off the crowd and he simulated smoking an illegal substance during the game. Maybe not the best look for someone who has tested positive for cocaine and been arrested for buying $800 worth of weed with counterfeit money.3 SUNDAY CHEERS1. EVERYTHING FLORIDA GULF COAST DOESAll of it.


Drop down and get your Eagle on, America.2.



Jim Larranaga's Muhammad Ali impersonation In a non-FGCU world, this GIF might be the star of the tournament so far. 3. La Salle Glitter Bro Part IIIGlitter Bro makes an appearance in Los Angeles, or I'm done with the tournament.5 BEST DUNKS1. Eric McKnight, Florida Gulf Coast2. Jamaal Franklin, San Diego State3. Chase Fieler, Florida Gulf Coast4. Jeff Withey, Kansas5. Eric





McKnight, Florida Gulf Coast (it earned two spots)3 NOTABLE QUOTES1. "The whole city of Philadelphia is behind us. Fort Myers is behind us. The NBA Live Mobile Coins whole America is behind us." --Swiss-born Florida Gulf Coast guard Christophe Varidel2. "We lost to another basketball team. The fact that I coached here for 15 years is extremely important to me, but it doesn't add anything to

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komentowanie na blogu dostępne jest tylko dla przyjaciół
komentowanie na blogu dostępne jest tylko dla przyjaciół


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