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The Primera Lens Star Game
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Just finished the Primera Lens Star Game (U12), Barcelona U12 showed a strong strength in the final victory over the Villarreal U12, won the final championship. However, the more rare is that they reflect the spirit of the sport after the game.


3-1 beat the opponent to win after the Barcelona U12 small players are very generous, went to Villarreal bench, to comfort the sad yellow submarine players LOLGA. In fact, after the semi-finals, Barcelona U12 eliminated Atletico U12, Atletico's small players are very disappointed, lying on the ground crying, Barcelona's more players are approached, leaning to comfort him. Barcelona small players of the charity, also attracted outside the audience bursts of applause.


Barcelona U12 charity, is not the first time. Last year's Juvenile World Soccer Challenge, the Barcelona U12 team defeated the Utsurom U12 team from Japan in a 1-0 score, and every Barcelona player did not put into his own world of celebration, but ran comfortably Lost opponent. Because just lost the championship, a lot of Omiya squirrels of children choose to cry. This group of Barcelona children, under the leadership of the captain, showed goodwill, touched the audience around the world.


Respect for opponents, is a football game advocated a kind of humanistic care, and Barcelona these 12-year-old children, dripping reflected this point.


This year's Lawrence "Best Sports Time" award, Barcelona U12 team members beat other candidates, and ultimately won the award.



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