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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has ushered in the fall, and players are looking forward to some events in the fall, including Halloween and Turkey Day, both of which will undergo several modifications this year. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells of the right amount from ACItems according to the final modification result.

According to the latest data mining, developers have been patching the Turkish Day project and deleted a bunch of images related to it. The deleted project images include:
Turkey Day Casserole
Wheat decor
Garden stand
But we should note that these items still exist, but their icons have been deleted. This is a fairly small change. However, this means that Nintendo is working day and night to change Animal Crossing Island. This kind of effort is worthy of our affirmation.

Turkey Day marks the beginning of a glorious winter for players in Animal Crossing of the Northern Hemisphere. To be sure, the next content update will add new items to one of the most popular events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Besides, data miners also leaked new Halloween items. It includes a ghastly tree, a ghastly lamp, and a ghastly snack basket.

Each player may have different opinions on some of the icons that have been deleted on Turkey Day, some may not be used to it, and some players may feel that it doesn't matter. No matter how Nintendo modifies it, I believe it is for players to experience the game better.

In addition, with the advent of autumn, the items to decorate the island will be diversified. If you don't have the right items, you can buy Animal Crossing Items from ACItems to make your island more beautiful and unique.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons holds events every season, providing new items and furniture specifically for that season. Seasonal activities will also provide new fish and bugs for players to collect, players can use them in exchange for bells, but this is very inefficient, you can choose to ACItems to buy Animal Crossing Bells, fast and safe.

But most of these contents are recycled from the seasonal activities of the previous year, and there is not much novelty, and the game lacks updates recently, so players have to use the available tools and content to be creative.

In a post by mia_blondehaus on Reddit, an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player found that the firefly model provided by Flick can be obtained by catching the bug with the same name, and it will glow at night, which made them very moved to create an interesting way to decorate their island.

The result of the island display is amazing, which forms a beautiful contrast with the night sky background. The meteor shower emphasizes the imagery, which is a rare event that occurs randomly in the game. The player also used a custom wooden path texture to complement the natural scenery called in the picture.

Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons almost has no new content, the series has always carried the creativity of the community and the social features that can be accessed in the game. Players can communicate and share new creations through third-party forums like Reddit, which is also a hot spot for social interaction.

Now, as autumn is approaching, players are already discussing how to decorate the island and make it more festive to welcome this anticipated season. If you don't want to fall behind, then buy Animal Crossing Items on ACItems, or even unique items to make your island more individual.

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players must choose their layout at the tour desk operated by Timmy and Tommy before setting foot on their island. This choice may seem irrelevant to new players, but it will affect the way the game is played in many ways. So choosing the island layout is the first and most important choice for Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay. The following describes how to choose the island layout for players.

First, cliffs and rivers are two important features to consider when choosing an island

Both will become obstacles for players in the early games. Properly buying Animal Crossing Bells can help us quickly solve some obstacles in the early stage of the game. When the player lives on the island for the first time, Tom Nook will let the settlers of Animal Crossing collect supplies, which means that the player needs to choose an area with enough space to collect materials effectively. In addition, players should also choose an island layout with limited cliff space.

Second, players should give priority to the aesthetics of the island

Due to Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides limited camera angles, causing players to be restricted to their north-facing view of the island. This angle severely limits the design perspective, especially for the beachfront of ACNH Island. For this reason, players need to pay close attention to the amount of beachfront real estate required. Unlike cliffs and rivers, players will not be able to expand or dismantle the beach, which makes it one of the most important aspects of the island layout.

Finally, another important location for players is the airport pier. Players need to enter the airport when looking for new villagers, visiting friends, or going to Harvey's island. When choosing an island layout, it is important to ensure that it is convenient to place without affecting the beauty of the island.

The above are the four different island layouts provided by Timmy and Tommy of Animal Crossing for players. Players can make a reasonable choice according to their situation. To get a beautiful island, decorative items are indispensable. ACItems not only provides players with cheap bells, but you can also buy various Animal Crossing Items on it to decorate your island.

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To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Nintendo has added four new time-limited items to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a moon rug and some festive foods from Japan, South Korea, and China. ACItems will also have events, you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells.

From now until September 21, 2021, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will be able to decorate their islands with Dango, moon cakes, and Songpyeon, etc. There is also a big moon rug, you can use it to admire the moon in your own home.

Each item can be ordered from Nook Shopping, priced at thousands of bells, moon rugs are priced at 2,00 bells, and festive foods are priced at 1,100 bells. This is not the only Autumn limited-time item currently available in the game, because players can also purchase a grape harvest basket backpack for 800 bells.

Animal Crossing: New horizons players have a lot to look forward to because Autumn is quietly entering the northern hemisphere. Not only will everyone's island be decorated with orange and yellow leaves soon, but there will also be plenty of other exciting activities happening from now to December.

First is Halloween on October 31, and then Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turkey Day around the end of November. This will bring us well into Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day, which is equivalent to Christmas held on December 24th every year.

More than half of this year has passed, to find out the time remaining on your island, please feel free to follow the ACItems news list. In addition, if you don't have enough bells for time-limited items, you can always buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells on our website, or buy Animal Crossing Items directly.

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Currently, rumors that Nintendo Direct will happen within a few weeks are sweeping the Internet. Many players think that Nintendo may announce a small Halloween update in Nintendo Direct. Whenever updated, players will buy Animal Crossing Bells.

However, from Nintendo's point of view, it makes no sense to announce a much smaller update. Nintendo mainly announces small updates on its Twitter, which is one of the reasons why we haven't seen the New Horizons trailer for a long time.

Many data miners report that Brewster and Roost may return to New Horizons. In addition, they also claim that there are in-game codes such as museum cafes that specifically point to the arrival of Roost. Brewster has long been part of the Animal Crossing series, and it would be no surprise if Nintendo wants to announce his arrival in a major announcement.

In addition, we have also seen some rumors about the popular features of Happy Home designers returning to ACNH. Due to the lack of game content, some veterans have quit the game. The best option to keep their enthusiasm in such a short time is to introduce popular features of the old games.

Also, Nintendo Direct may be a great opportunity for players to learn about future development. However, even if Nintendo announces a major update in its presentation, we will most likely see an update in early November. It looks like developers will focus on secondary content this month.

If the November update includes content other than Turkey Day and Toy Day, that would be great. Everyone wants to see the new features and new features they see in data miners. Are you excited about the upcoming Nintendo Direct? Tell us on the ACItems website, and you can quickly buy Animal Crossing Bells on it.

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As early as December last year, the National Video Game Museum in the United Kingdom announced their latest project: to record and archive the first year of the global pandemic through the lens of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nine months later, the exhibition is ready, very gorgeous, with Animal Crossing style art, player stories, and a lot of images, which can be used as a window to learn about other people's play. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells with your friend to enjoy the exhibition.

You can find the main part of the exhibition on the Animal Crossing Diary website-is the stories, and they range from exploring fashion in pixels, creating games in games, and there are even players representing their cultural heritage on their desert islands.

This is a moving tribute to the game that dominated the first few months of the blockade, and it has become a cultural and historical moment of its own.

These stories are divided into five themes: keeping a routine, creating space, representing yourself, sharing creativity, and keeping in touch, at least one of which may be related to yourself.

There is also a timeline of events in the Animal Crossing game, the oral history of the game, and its production background-all in all, and is a very useful exhibition. It's like going to a museum in real life, except there is no gift shop.

Are you satisfied with this type of exhibition? ACItems will promptly push you more background information about the exhibition. Also, you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells on it.

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If the Nintendo leaker's case is accepted, Animal Crossing: New Horizons may soon see the arrival of Brewster.

After fan favorite Brewster finally revisited some of the stories in the Animal Crossing series, Twitter customer @SamusHunter2 claimed a major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons may show Brewster and his bistro Roost and it may happen in November. At that time, a large number of Bells is very important to players, you can buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACItems to prepare in advance.

Nintendo leakers-who has effectively predicted news about the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update-posted a string on the website in response to various inquiries about some Nintendo projects they promised to get from their supporters.

The tweet related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons also added: "Nintendo faces the potential challenge of introducing Halloween events without requiring another update after September." Data miners also recently discovered that the 1.11 update contains some profound Halloween new things, which is similar to the update alluded to by the leaker.

Like all versions, it is wise to consider this situation while considering other factors. Although most Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are crazy about the return of the Brewster, Nintendo hasn't issued any authoritative remarks saying that this will happen. No matter how Nintendo decides in the end, players can always buy Animal Crossing Bells at at the lowest price.

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What kind of villagers players want on their islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons largely depends on personal preferences, but some villagers are largely considered unfavorable or annoying. You can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells to exchange for the villagers you like. Here are some villagers that most people think should get rid of.

In the most creepy villager competition, Limberg did not lag far behind Pietro. With his five o'clock shadow, strange pink cheeks, and stare like a dog staring at meat, Limberg can make any player feel strange when they meet him on their island at night.

The grumpy personality type only makes the situation worse. He thinks most of the conversations with him are new things he wants to complain about, which makes Limberg unlikely to be anyone's favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons character.

As one of the rudest and arrogant characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hippeaux follows in Olaf's footsteps. This includes not only constantly bragging about his wealth, but also some very rude comments he often makes to players. This includes some very uncomfortable lines, such as telling the player that no one can hear the screams coming from his basement.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hippeaux just gives people the feeling that he has more secrets than most villagers, and his personality is enough to make these secrets scary.

Olaf is one of the more unique villagers in the game, but this is ruined by his personality. His eternally angry eyebrows said it all because Olaf's personality is very arrogant. This makes him keep chattering about how rich he is because he understates anyone who he thinks is below him.

This not only makes it unpleasant to talk to the player but also hinders him from getting along with other villagers on the island. Anteaters are one of the rarest types of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but if this means Olaf has fewer and fewer players, it might be better.

Are there any of the above villagers on your island? Do you want to get rid of them? If you want, act quickly, and then you can come to ACItems to buy your favorite villagers. Also, we provide you with the best price to buy Animal Crossing Bells.


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After the August update, New Horizons has restored many players who have gradually lost interest in Animal Crossing. The emergence of new activities and new items will always arouse the curiosity of players, which rejuvenates the new horizons. For new updates, many players like to buy Animal Crossing Items to enjoy the game. But these are far from enough. Players hope that new features will appear in the new horizon.


According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data mining personnel found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. It will be located in the museum. For users, this will be a big surprise.


The arrival of Brewster and Roost will make players full of surprises. However, after a month or two, players will lose interest in Roost and hope to discover more new things in new horizons. What's more, users have gradually lost interest in the new items introduced in the 1.11 update.

Although New Horizons is progressing in many aspects, innovation is never-ending. Players' needs are always changing. Nintendo needs a new feature to attract users back to ACNH. The content is currently under development and it is worth looking forward to.


No matter what changes Nintendo makes to New Horizons, ACItems will continue to provide players with New Horizons services. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells on it and while guaranteeing the lowest price.




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The world of Animal Crossing has been involved in the world of anime and manga in the past. Recently, the latest version of the Nintendo series has given us a new understanding of the unique universe through the New Horizons of Nintendo Switch. The latest series has landed in North America. To enjoy the latest series better, you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Items with your friends.

Now, the manga series released by Viz Media allows a new version of New Horizons to land in North America, further exploring the world composed of anthropomorphic characters such as Tom Nook, Isabelle, and K.K. Slider and countless other tools that help players build their environment.

Anime fans themselves have used the environment of Animal Crossing to pay tribute to many anime franchises and creators, such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Junji Ito, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and several other big-name series are using the remake of Nintendo game.

Although there has never been a formal crossover between these anime attributes and the stupid characters of the Nintendo series, Animal Crossing allows fans to create any crossover they want. Although there is no news about the next episode of the series, fans are still checking the islands they created in the New Horizons' new world every day.

Animal Crossing first landed on Nintendo 64 in 2001 and produced many sequels spanning multiple consoles. There is no doubt that franchising will continue to be an important part of Nintendo's future lineup.

Will you pick this latest manga series from the popular world of Nintendo? Please let us know in the comments. If you need to buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells, you can contact the online staff of our ACItems website at any time.


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Before the relieve Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diary later this month, VIZ Media has released the official description, revealing what fans expect out of this manga. Now, buy Animal Crossing Bells on the ACItems is the best time.

In the global phenomenon-level video game Animal Crossing, gamers are accustomed to letting a human islander live in a video game. Now, the game's first official English graphic novel Animal Crossing New Horizons-Deserted Island Diary provides a new special twist, with four islanders living with Tom Nook and fan-favorite villagers.

Join the humorous Coroyuki, Princess Himepoyo, scholar Benben, and sleepy Guchan, who are addicted to an island paradise. From collecting bells to building their dream home, these four islanders have brought a new and unforgettable experience to first-time and frequent fans!

VIZ Media revealed that it would translate the Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Deserted Island Diary a few months ago. If you did not see the original story we played, then this is a manga about what the villagers did when you were away.

In the update, VIZ Media has now announced the Animal Crossing: New Horizons volume 1 Deserted Island Diary will arrive on September 14th, and you can pre-order it now for only $9.99. Also, ACItems is the cheapest store to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. The same information also allows fans of Animal Crossing to see the localized cover-this is similar to but different from the game's box art.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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The 1.11.0 update is less than a month old, but Animal Crossing players are already looking forward to the next update. Many players already buy Animal Crossing Bells for new events. The most recent update is only a seasonal update, far from the requirements of many people. There is no Brewster, at least not officially, no quality of life or gameplay updates, so it's a bit disappointing for many people.

In addition, in the same announcement that the 1.11.0 update is coming, Animal Crossing players are promised another update before the end of the year, which is coming soon. Since they have set a deadline, players want to know: when is the next update?

Regarding the date of the next update, several important facts need to be noted. First, it was promised before the end of the year. Secondly, the content of the 1.11.0 update is scheduled for the Halloween season, which ends when the calendar shifts to November. This gave Nintendo two months to meet their deadline, so players can look forward to it.

The official announcement about the next update may be released at the end of September or early October. This gave them the last update of the month before the game ventured into unknown and unplanned realms.

Before Halloween, Animal Crossing is unlikely to add any major content. After that, data mining functions may arrive, or the next update may be scheduled (or may not have these features). In any case, it seems there is a two-month window period, and the next update will come.

Players hope this will be the one they have been waiting for. Only time will tell whether this is the case. Nevertheless, there are only four months left this year, and the time to wait for the next update will be quite short. So don't worry, we can continue to enjoy the game while buying Animal Crossing Items from ACItems while waiting for the next update.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Nintendo has been working hard to connect the game to the daily lives of users. Therefore, with the help of regular updates, the developers have also made changes to the player's island.

They have brought changes to the aesthetics, bugs, fish, etc. on the island. We will also see these changes in September, and many newcomers may have a whole new experience in their area. For new players, you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells on ACItems. Here are all the changes that New Horizons will see in September.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons upcoming features
Most importantly, we will see Nintendo Direct in September, which means we may make important announcements related to New Horizons. Not to mention, recently, Nintendo assured players on Twitter that ACNH's free content is under development. Surprisingly, it also requires players to continue to pay attention to more information, which may be a hint to the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Upcoming events
Unfortunately, there will not be a large number of events for players to enjoy in September. Only players in the northern hemisphere have the opportunity to participate in the bug-off event. Bug Offs are special events that allow players to catch as many bugs as possible in a limited time to earn points.

It happens on the third Saturday in June, July, August, and September, from 9 am to 6 pm. Therefore, if you have not yet participated in the event, this may be your last chance to obtain these limited items.

Landscape and bush changes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Interestingly, we will see two beautiful seasons appear on New Horizons Island in September. Users in the northern hemisphere will enjoy autumn, while players in the south will enjoy the atmosphere of spring.

Players can even see that their grass has changed because the grass in the northern hemisphere has turned light green. The grasses in the southern hemisphere should become faded and moldy. Nintendo will also update the game and make changes around the bushes according to each season.

After September 20 the Hibiscus bushes will stop blooming; however, tea olive bushes will bloom in the northern hemisphere from September 21 to October 30. Unfortunately, users in the southern hemisphere will not see any new bushes flourish in September, but after September the camellia bushes will stop blooming.

Upcoming critters
Bugs, fishes, and sea creatures migrate to New Horizons every month. Therefore, we will also see many new critters entering users' islands in September. If you are a beginner, then you should grab them as soon as possible to complete the encyclopedia.

Northern hemisphere Players can expect the arrival of ordinary butterflies, Yellow butterflies, Monarch butterflies, and so on. For the southern hemisphere, users will see Yellow butterfly, Tiger butterfly, Peacock butterfly, Mantis, etc.

Are you satisfied with all the details of the September update? Maybe you are enjoying the game now, but don't forget to go to ACItems to buy Animal Crossing Bells/Items to prepare for the upcoming events.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Seasonal events are locked after the update, Nintendo decided to slowly add them to the game over time. Buy Animal Crossing Bells on the ACItems to prepare for the new event in September. Although seasonal events come and go, the updates behind them still add countless permanent goodies, which are now the main content of the game. Now that the game contains more than a year of updates, some stand out more than others. This is our favorite.

Bunny day
The Bunny Day seasonal event is included in the first major update of the game and will be unlocked soon. The event sounds interesting on the surface: look for the colorful eggs hidden around your island and use them in interesting recipes. The reality is that in the cruel days of 12 days, players were subject to the whimsy of one Zipper T. Bunny and his army of hidden eggs.

Festivale may be a great seasonal event but lacks its talent in the previous iterations of the franchise. Players can play some mini-games with villagers and event organizer Pavé for fun and prizes in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Now the event has been significantly reduced to a small treasure hunt and dance party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Summer Update wave 2
The second summer update adds the main event of the season: the firework show. Players can show up on any Sunday in August, pull up their chairs, point their cameras, and seeing the fiery colors of the sky, their villagers were all around. In the meantime, you might as well try your luck in Redd's Raffle, and finally get a sparkler or pinwheel, and to run around frantically in circles with.

Summer update wave 1
The first summer update created a whole new field of possibilities in the game by opening up the ocean to players. After equipping the diving suit, the player can swim in the ocean around their island. Not only that, but they can also dive into the sea to find small animals. New creatures bring new members of the museum, but also a new source of income for players-without any tools. If you are lucky, on the bottom of the sea you will find a scallop and a brave otter will appear, exchange it with some words of wisdom.

The above is my favorite update event, of course, there are other good ones too. Which is your favorite? Welcome to ACItems and tell me, we will also provide you with the cheapest Animal Crossing Bells/Items.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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The Animal Crossing New Horizons fireworks event in the past

Animal Crossing New Horizons urgently needs high-quality, meaningful content to win fans. For new fans, can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells is a happy thing. The recent news of cooperation with Puma has caused a lot of criticism. However, as the studio prepares to host the last day of the fireworks event, things seem to be less than ideal.

Fans have to wait more than a year to see this grand event go live, now it's time to part ways. This amazing festival really makes the whole of August feel special, and everyone hopes it will return soon.

Fans witnessed the night sky illuminated by the ecstasy of the cleverly placed gunpowder. Therefore, this is why this event is everyone's favorite. There are some new fans who have never really experienced the magic of the fireworks festival. They and most players in the game want to take full advantage of its epic ending.

Fans continue to condemn the studio for launching non-original and meaningless content. Faced with a large group of negative comments, a fan defended his favorite game. He clarified that it takes a lot of time to produce good content, and the studio has stated that it is in production. Don't give up new horizons for now and more content is still on the way.

Now the firework festival has passed, but something great seems to be brewing. Nintendo has not given up on this game, and fans have no reason to lose hope.

For more content of Animal Crossing New Horizons, please follow the ACItems store, and you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells/Items With Fast Delivery!

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Some handheld foods items were finally added in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.11.0. Players can also consume them, this feature was previously limited to other NPCs on the island. Here are some new handheld items that Nintendo has added to the game.

Holdable lantern
Unfortunately, players will need to wait longer to search for the above items, since they will come in November. ACItems provides Cheap Animal Crossing Items for all players, which you can buy now.

The lantern has a cute duck design and is part of the Lantern Festival. However, the lantern has no real practical use. Nevertheless, similar to most other items in the game, this item can also be customized.

Weird snack basket
This item will be provided during Halloween. Unsurprisingly, players must look for a recipe to make it. However, it is certain that customers of Animal Crossing will be able to obtain DIY recipes from other villagers throughout October.

Similar to a few other Halloween craftable items, this one also requires orange pumpkins and candies. Interestingly, the item is not time-locked, which means that the player can obtain it before others through time travel.

Glow stick
This item is data mined in the latest update, but it is not yet available. But you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells at any time on the ACItems. More importantly, there is not much information about glow sticks.

Players usually get a light stick during the New Year, which has the color of the staple food. However, the leak indicates that new glow sticks in multiple colors will be added in subsequent updates.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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As the update interval of the important Animal Crossing: New Horizons has increased, players have begun to discuss what a potential sequel will look like-especially what it can learn from other popular simulation games, such as Stardew Valley. No matter how the game is updated, buying Animal Crossing Bells on ACItems is the first choice for old players.

The agriculture and relationship-based mechanics of indie games are very suitable for the world of Animal Crossing, and Nintendo can benefit from borrowing many features of Stardew Valley from the New Horizons sequel.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has begun to be more similar to Stardew Valley, adding an agricultural mechanism last fall, this is the first time in the series. However, so far, although fans often request the introduction of more crops, only pumpkin planting has been increased. If the leak that points to the expansion of the island proves to be true, it is still possible to add additional agricultural space for Animal Crossing.

In addition to more agriculture, New Horizons can also use more changes in its relationship. Players can talk to villagers and give gifts to build close friendships, just like the features in Stardew Valley, but there is almost no opportunity to do anything other than that. Stardew Valley includes a mechanism called a "heart event", which is a unique cutscene that unlocks when a strong enough relationship between the player character and the NPC is formed. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sequel can achieve similar scenarios, but it should draw more from Stardew Valley's storytelling.

If there is no story, the player will not have the motivation to continue playing New Horizons after completing the main objective. Completing even greater challenges in the museum, such as collecting every DIY recipe, has no real purpose other than personal achievement.

Given that major updates are few and far apart, many fans find it difficult to maintain interest. The more story-oriented Animal Crossing not only gives old fans more reasons to continue playing but also allows new players to enter the game more easily. After entering the game, players will buy Animal Crossing Bells the first time to start their game's travel. At present, Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains to be seen what further updates are planned for or whether New Horizons will get a sequel.


 For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a lot of criticism due to the lack of game content. But this does not affect you Buy Animal Crossing Bells from to complete your tasks in the game. Several veterans are quitting the game and expressing their anger online. In addition, Nintendo's failure to respond and an official statement were the most triggering them.

However, players still have high hopes for the upcoming update. They look forward to the developers releasing major updates and providing many features of previous games. In addition, there are some rumors about Brewster and the Roost returning to ACNH. Is Brewster's return sufficient to meet the needs of users?

According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data miners found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. In addition, the cafe will be located in the museum, just like many past works. Naturally, users are happy to see new features like cafes being added to the game.

However, the arrival of Brewster and Roost may not excite players for a month or two. So, after a month, users will be bored with Roost and will look for more amazing options. What's more, the new items introduced in the 1.11 update can no longer capture the interest of users.

Therefore, Nintendo needs a more reliable option to attract players back to new horizons. Back to New Leaf Nintendo released the Welcome Amiibo update, which increased the popularity of the game. Although ACNH has the best details and graphics compared to previous games, it lacks in many aspects.

In this case, developers can try to publish new locations to incentivize players to decorate them with new themes. If you want to decorate your island out of the ordinary, you can Buy Animal Crossing Items and Bells. They can also publish some mini-games to play with the villagers. Interacting with your villagers is one of the best features of the game, and it would be great to get an extra option to play some games with them.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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September is coming soon, which means that users of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will see a lot of changes across the island. So, buy Animal Crossing Bells can help you to enjoy the game better. This includes seasonal changes, new events, new DIY recipes, and more. Many newcomers are happy to see the new island changes in their respective regions. Here are the changes that players in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere will notice in September.

Landscape change
Throughout September, we will see a lot of changes taking place across the island. Players in the northern hemisphere will finally see the arrival of autumn. They can already see that the grass on the entire island has turned pale green. Autumn is one of the best seasons users encounter in New Horizons.

For the southern hemisphere, spring may have arrived, and the grass should have turned into a faded and moldy color. However, the grass will become normal green color at the end of the month.

In summary, players in the southern and northern hemispheres will see different scenery in September. Players who have not yet started the game rush to take action to feel the fun of the scenery in their respective regions. If you don't have enough Bells, you can go directly to the to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, and also provide you with Animal Crossing Items to decorate the island.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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September limited-time items are coming soon in ACNH

There are now many old players in Animal Crossing who are less interested in the game because of the lack of new content for the event. In response to this situation, Nintendo decided to launch limited-time items in September, hoping to regain the love of players. The following are all limited-time items throughout September.

Moon Rug- Most players like to decorate their houses with cool and beautiful rugs. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells to make their island more beautiful. Therefore, if you are one of these users, you can purchase Moon Rug in the store between September 12th and 30th. You can buy it for 2,000 bells, or you can sell it for only 500 bells. This is a seasonal item celebrating "Moon Viewing Day".

Grape Harvest Basket-the first item a player can buy from the shop. It will provide a full month, so make sure to get it on the first day. This is the return project of last year's Harvest festival. Avatar carries a grape harvest basket with purple grapes and green grape leaves on it.

Songpyeon- Songpyeon is the last limited item we will see in September and will be available from September 12th to September 30th. It is miscellaneous furniture that can be obtained for 1,100 Bells in Nook Shopping.

Dango and moon cakes-Surprisingly, there are two other items that can be used to celebrate the "Moon Viewing Day". They are Dango and Moon cakes, all food, which look very realistic at first glance. It's nice to see that Nintendo is paying great attention to new foods in the current update. In September, it will be available in stores from 12-30 at the same time as Moon Rug.

The above is the limited-time items that will be launched in September in a few days. Are you interested in them all? Welcome to our website ACItems to tell us.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons was all over the world when it was first released. However, more than a year after the release, some old players began to feel that they had done everything they could to the game. ACItems is the preferred website for old players to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Due to the lack of activity, players hope that Nintendo will add new content to the game to prevent it from becoming obsolete. Below are the details of the three new pieces of content that have been added to the game.

New seasonal events
Bunny Day starts with New Horizons.
Seasonal activities such as holidays are an indispensable part of the appeal of Animal Crossing. They consolidate the real-time progress of the game clock, create a unique atmosphere for the town as the weather changes, and make players look forward to it over time.

Unfortunately, as Bunny Day proved that after players spend more than a year on the island, New Horizons holidays may start to become a bit formulaic. Most holidays are structured around finding the items needed to make a unique set of furniture, which makes them feel more like a routine event of obtaining special items than an organic cosmic holiday. Nintendo should add additional holidays or update existing holidays to make them worth looking forward to.

More stores
Able Sisters' store in New Horizons.
The predecessor of New Horizons, New Leaf, includes a large number of additional permanent buildings for shopping outside of the buildings that the town started. In the huge difference between the two games, New Horizons does not allow players to add many new buildings beyond the museum, tailor, and shop trio available in each Animal Crossing title.

Compared with past games, it's hard not to feel that New Horizons is particularly rare. Visiting NPCs like Label, Lief, and Kicks seem to be obvious candidates for receiving physical locations in the future, but so far, they have only stood outside the residential service building. Providing players with new stores will help make the island feel more crowded and enrich the progress of the game, so they are a must in future updates.

Store upgrade
New Horizons' starting store.
Every Animal Crossing title before New Horizons allows players to upgrade the main store in their town to at least three floors. Starting from a humble cabin, even the earliest Animal Crossing game will develop a raccoon-run institution into a luxurious department store with matching additional items.

Confusingly, the store in New Horizons can only be upgraded once. In addition to impairing the sense of the progress of the game, limiting store space can also ensure that Animal Crossing players have more limited ways to obtain new furniture. Although there is a lot of furniture in New Horizons, it usually feels like the choices are limited because the player's access to it is more controlled.

The above are the three new activities that have been added. We hope that old players can find the fun of the game again. will continue to provide you with the cheapest Animal Crossing Bells, you can buy them at any time.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Restarting the character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will keep all residents and functions intact and allow the island's progress to remain unchanged. To buy Animal Crossing Bells, you can choose the website. In contrast, restarting the island means that all non-playable characters, plants, buildings, and progress will no longer exist. Before restarting an island, the player needs to be sure, not to start a new character. This is how to restart Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island.

If players want to keep their island but start a secondary character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they must add a new user from the system settings page of their Nintendo Switch. After creation, they should stay in the new configuration file and load "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". Any new character must complete the introduction phase again, starting at the Dodo airport to using Nook Phone for the first time. There are many benefits for one person to create new characters on existing islands, such as using each character to have independent money rocks and trees.

Trying to restart the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires the player to leave the game and delete their saved data. This is a relatively fast process, and perhaps the hardest part is accepting the fact that everything on the island and all custom settings will be deleted. Restarting the island completely means going to the main menu of the Switch and following the steps below:

Enter system settings
Scroll down to data management
Scroll down to delete saved data
Choose Animal Crossing: New Horizons to save data
Confirm and delete
Together with all the data saved in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the island, and its native fruit trees will disappear the next time the game is launched. Restarting does mean that the name of the new island can be changed, but more importantly, the layout will be fresh, with new rivers, hills, and beachfront.

Soon after starting a new game and flying to the island, new NPC villagers and fruits on the island will be introduced. After you Buy Animal Crossing Bells, you can upgrade. If for some reason the new island layout, fruits, or the first two residents are not satisfactory, the player can immediately turn off Animal Crossing after the plane has landed: New Horizons and repeat the above process to re-scroll everything.


 For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Nintendo introduced a huge number of new items and seasonal events for users inside the 1.11.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Items In you can get a surprise. Recently, the developers released another 1.11.1 update, centering on bugs and glitches that upset the town. Although Nintendo mentioned all bug fixes, this didn't reveal some hidden changes.

After the 1.11.1 update, the developer also made many changes to the DIY recipes in New Horizons. DIY recipes are a kind of craftsman in New Horizons. Users can use the collected materials or furniture to make recipes on the DIY workbench. However, according to the developers, these changes are essential because it hinders the player's progress. Here is everything you need to know about the DIY recipe changes in the 1.11.1 update. 

Changes made by Nintendo in the DIY recipe in ACNH
Nintendo imposes some restrictions on some DIY recipes because it disrupts the game's story mode. All restricted DIY recipes can be obtained by making progress in the story mode. However, some players have sold these items before, and newcomers can get them without having to explore the storyline. 

Therefore, Nintendo has imposed some restrictions, and now if you have a DIY recipe in your pocket before visiting or leaving your friend's island, it will disappear. In short, this means that you cannot now bring more than 70 DIY recipes to Dodo Airlines in New Horizons. This is Nintendo's brilliant strategy because it wants to prevent people from using the game. 

After these changes, the newcomers will try their best to make progress in the plot and put these items into their pockets. This also affects players who used to host treasure islands by providing users with inaccessible items. So you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells to exchange items. Inaccessible recipes are like junk items or golden axes. One can learn DIY recipes by reaching milestones, but there are no physical DIY cards for such items. 
However, if you invade the game, you can get physical DIY cards for these recipes, which violates the principles of the game. Hackers used to host Treasure Island where they used to sell these types of items; however, after the 1.11.1 update, players could not bring these items back to their islands. 

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:




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In previous games, villagers played a more important role than New Vision. They used to have more expressions, and talking to them was more interesting than ever. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells to Exchange different villagers. Especially in ACNH, after getting all the frames of your villagers, communicating with them becomes a burden. In addition, compared to other games in the series, there is not enough dialogue in the game.

Due to the lack of dialogue, most players like to ignore their villagers because they don't want to hear the same dialogue all the time. This is completely understandable, and Nintendo should introduce new dialogues into the game soon. Another reason the villagers are bored is that they did not get enough favors from them.

In the past, you could talk to villagers, ask them for help or ask for what they want you to do for them. This makes exploring the island more interesting, and logging in every day is never a problem. However, in New Horizons, you cannot get quests from your villagers until they approach you by themselves. In addition, the chances of getting the task are completely random, and you may not get it for many days.

But in previous games, it was easy because at least one villager always arranged some tasks for you. This helps to establish a strong connection with them in the new horizon, but this is not the case. Most players just like to spend time with them to increase the level of friendship; therefore, if any villagers leave the island, they will be more excited to invite new villagers. Do you like the villagers in New Horizons or the previous titles? You can go to the ACItems website to discuss with us.




For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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Fans of Nintendo's popular video game series Animal Crossing are taking a new spin in their beloved Sandbox Garden, as the latest version of Animal Crossing's popular Japanese manga titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diaries Will get an English translation, courtesy of Viz media. 


Originally published exclusively in Japan in 2020, this manga was written and drawn by Kokonasu Rumba. If you first time to play the game, I suggest you buy Animal Crossing Bells from It will embark on a fascinating journey in the delightful and quaint world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, featuring characters from the game For example, in the humorous exploration of the desert island environment discovered by Tom, who is irritable and may exploit others, Nook or the friendly and strange fearful ghost Wisp. 


Although the series has multiple manga series, including a recent series that is also based on new horizons, called News From the Carefree Island, Deserted Island Diary is the only manga officially released in English. A whimsical interpretation of the weird world. New Horizon​​ ns, the fifth mainline game in the series. 


In a press release, Viz Media stated that this new graphic novel will be the perfect companion for experienced fans and first-time fans, presenting lively antics and adventures in a vibrant and appropriately quirky world, and many fans' favorite villager Animal Crossing. This version will also include a summary of additional information about the premise, such as tips and tricks for video games, and an animal guide that provides information about many long-loved villagers. 


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the second highest-selling game on Nintendo Switch. According to Nintendo, its total sales are 33.89 million units. This will make more players willing to buy Animal Crossing items. It remains to be seen whether some of the long-pending mysteries in the series will reveal the answers, such as where all Tom Nook's money comes from, or whether Blathers will overcome his lifelong fear against bugs. 





For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read: 

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very similar to the user's regular lifestyle. With the northern hemisphere players' summer coming to an end, Nintendo decided to prepare a surprise for them. Also, ACItems will provide players with the best price to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Nintendo separated the necessities according to their standards. It is divided into four categories: elementary school, middle school, high school, and University for the first time.

Elementary school
Education is one of the most important investments a country can make, and basic standards are its first step. Nintendo decided to make learning more interesting and fashionable by introducing new comfortable and fashionable necessities for children.

You can buy beautiful and stylish backpacks with navy blue and Tom Nook logo. In addition, your Switch backpack has a perfect pocket so you can start an action at any time.

There is also a backpack with perfect colors waiting for you in their store. Isabelle, Tom Nook, and other villagers are the inspiration behind the design. In addition to the new backpack, you can also buy a notebook with New Horizons Fruit as a bookmark.

Middle School
Middle school is a place to make things faster, and students need a lot of equipment to help them learn. Nintendo allows you to get a very beautiful light green backpack, similar to all the green plants on the island. It has a perfect appearance and can match your style.

Moving on, you can also purchase a new ACNH-themed stationery box. It comes with small binders, notebooks, notes, and a sticky tan. If you want to keep your things organized, it will be of great help to you.

High School
Student high school life is not a simple task, because it is becoming more and more competitive day by day. Most students learn to drive early in high school standards and keep in mind that Nintendo has introduced a new cute keychain for them. All these keychains are very cute, if you are a fan of New Horizons, you should try them.

In addition, you can even buy some New Horizons-themed notebooks and sticky logos. As a high school student, you will try to keep up with fashion trends, and the next New Horizons-themed messenger bag will never let you down. It has a beautiful green color and strong construction quality, making it one of the must-haves on the list.

By launching small Isabelle and Tom Nook pillows, Nintendo put its ideas on college students. You can put them on the bed in the dormitory and even comfort yourself while studying. In addition, you can even purchase some New Horizons-themed water bottles. They are of high quality and are vacuum insulated water bottles.

There are three types of water bottles for you to choose from, so please consider wisely beforehand or buy all three at the same time. If you are interested in any of this content, you can go to our website ACItems and leave a message. We are at your service online 24 hours a day.


For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read: 

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons now offers two new seasonal items. To celebrate the Obon Festival in Japan, Nook Shopping already sells eggplant cows and cucumber horses for a limited time.

The new merchandise will be sold until August 16, at 500 bells each. If you don't have enough Bells, you can go to the website to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. The two will rotate every day, so you need to check back to get both. To order items, please open the Nook shopping catalog from your NookPhone or the NookStop terminal of the Resident Services Building on your island, select "Special Goods", and then go to the "Seasonal" tab.

Some other seasonal items can still be ordered. You can buy Hikoboshi and Orihime clothing before August 14th, and rodeo-style springy ride-on will be available before August 15th. Each outfit sells for 2,500 bells, while the springy ride-on is 2,000 bells.

As the part of 1.11.0 update, the new Obon items were added to it. The patch also introduces some other new seasonal items to the game, including boba and cotton candy. These delicacies can be won from Redd's booth during the August fireworks show, which will be held every Sunday evening this month. In September, Nook Shopping will also provide moon cakes and other moon-viewing foods.

In addition to new seasonal items, Nintendo also released a new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update. For new players, choose a safe store to Buy Animal Crossing Items is an important thing. This patch mainly solves some of the problems that occurred in the game after the above 1.11.0 update, including the bug that caused the seasonal cloud to not appear as expected. Nintendo says that it will launch more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates later this year.


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