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With the release window for EVE Mobile ISK this challenging mobile MMO now set in stone, we took the opportunity to speak to some of the developers that made EVE Echoes possible.

Sit in front of the camera to watch Wei Su, Senior Producer in NetEase Games, Shicheng Zhou, Game Designer at NetEase Games, and Bing Xi, General Manager CCP Shanghai ready to discuss EVE Echoes was a stark reminder of just how profoundly unique this endeavor is. EVE Echoes is the result of a strategic partnership between NetEase and CCP and marks a new spin away for an IP that has weathered the storm when it comes to online gambling. Driven by a love of the EVE universe and an extremely seasoned team at NetEase, EVE Echoes is place to squeeze all of the excitement of the mainstay EVE encounter onto iOS and Android apparatus this August.

For CCPthis represents a huge divergence from their core clientele and it's similar to DUST 541 was a chart-topping success, so we asked if it was a difficult decision to begin development of this cellular experience.

"This wasn't a tricky discussion at all. EVE has existed for 20 decades now and we have always looked to expand the world on as many platforms as possible. We have clearly had DUST 541 and today we're searching to launch into cellular. Since EVE on the internet is such a large game with more than ten years of articles, we don't underestimate how large an endeavour that makes EVE mobile. If we ever want to do something it has to be up to those expectations and satisfies the fan base. "We always wanted to do so however, it was never going to be simple. Wei Su strategy us back in 2015 with the thought to deliver EVE to mobile and we sat down and talked to them. We must know who they were found out that this wasn't just any other development group form NetEase. This was the group behind Westward Journey Online 2.

"Westward Journey Online two has been a leading grade MMO in China for over 18 decades and it was created by precisely the exact same set of developers. This team has the experience that they know how to craft fantastic games that stand the test of time. They even built a mobile variant of the same game that's also extremely common. We told me a lot about the team and gave us lots of confidence that they may deliver." As soon as it's easy to throw around the accusation of cash grab at many cellular conversions, it's telling that Wei Su is a hard-core OG EVE participant who heads the identical team that originally approached CCP about getting cheap eve echoes isk out into a brand new crowd. He noted that,

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Just make them Washington Team, and Madden 21 coins make the Logo the surface of the trainer who is always set up for Bill Belichick. How're you sleeping madden 2020 New England Coach Chad Masters?The greatest of all time because the Bulls had Roster Guard at'98. It's because Belichick is not part of the coaches marriage. He.

EA sports could have to negotiate/pay belichick individually to get him in the match. Sean Peyton was. I honestly had no idea. It is because BB isn't part of the coaches' marriage and the union signed the deal . Not since Belichick declined to maintain Madden. Finally. . Now I know why. Been wondering for many years but never bothered to check into it.

I just learned that a few early manufacturing NBA Jam cabinets comprised Michael Jordan- until he left the players union licensing agreement. Shaq will depart a year or two. It was actually the opposite, a few people (including MJ, IIRC) requested special cabinets with Jordan. It is not a micro trade, It is completely free, and its not in any aggressive or even online manner. You can just edit gamers to have them in your franchise style for pleasure. Who knows what will happen in the long run, but lets wait for EA add 2k shoes that are like before we shit on them.

It is absurd how much more EA will get shit on with Madden when 2K's clinics are so much more abhorrent. I sincerely expect 2K never gets to get the NFL again, because it'd be an unmitigated disaster of microtransactions that require you to invest $40+ (on top of the $60-70 for the bottom game) to be able to create 1 player-character into a star. Fuck 2K. I say this as someone who owns the most recent installments of the collection.

I have not spent a dime on 2k(except to buy it) and I can state the 2k mycareer is years before whatever madden has. The park mode can also be among the modes I've played far, particularly playing friends. Myteam stinks but I don't mess with and supreme team modes. MyLeague and MyGm are far better than franchise and even though I enjoy soccer way I play with 2k because. Non contact sports are way more easy to mut 21 coins buy code, although MLB the series the best sports match.

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I'm wondering how much he even needs because of RuneScape gold his movie that is pre-finale, is there an opportunity he uploads it in only a few days? No more waiting a month between episodes?I'd feel like it's likely a week or 2 bc I would imagine all that is left at this stage is assembling a team. Well he wanted backup bolt tips and much more melee stats aid + being able to create his own supercompost is nothing. Progress at this stage requires to obtain an inch but he needs. I really don't believe it had been nothing. Agreed. I feel like sometimes swamp man shouldn't ask"can I?" But instead,"if I?"


However, I mean this whole series should never have been a thing. The whole objective is for this to be totally ridiculous. I do not think I would advocate doing so either, but it's definitely in accordance with the entire idea behind swampletics to begin with. It's something which you have to be a very specific kind of person for it to function. Most people would drive themselves angry, but swampman is just that sort of individual who can do it. It was much more entertaining content than almost all of the Barrows videos. There were ups and downs and even when the casket was moot the video did a excellent job. Besides Settled clarified in the movie well enough that a) he had been getting other stuff done on the account at the same time and b) it had been more about achieving it and the travel than the reward. And imo it definitely adds another piece of prestige.


I might get downvoted for saying this but they'd get shit on for doing something crazy if this was anyone else. There's been many posts where somebody did something absolutely psychological and the comments let him get help. I felt uneasy as well seeing somebody grind long hours with hardly any breaks just for something that offers 0 benefit (aside from combat xp). Tbf nobody edits in addition to swamp man. This guy knows how to tell a story. I anticipated to become downvoted too lol. It's like that man who's performing one 200m at a time. . . People shit on him in the comments every time. . .


I have never had an orgasm this lengthy, plz stop. Pre Finale is gonna be prime JO material. Finally,Thus much swamp man!Inject it directly into my veins. Hope you have a small vacation following this mate. Nicely done. Watched every video, amazing series. This man pees in hot water bottles, no doubt. The mill is striking but what annoys me even more is how good this man is at creating these movies. He did that for five weeks and left one of the most boring grinds I really could imagine, and still managed to create a fun video.


I feel as it would have been a far better idea to just perform the 33 hour marathon session once to get a 100% completion lol. If he wanted to maintain his sanity I think he should have just spent the first hour every day searching for the next clue. If not wait for buy rs3 gold the following moment. That way he has 15-16 hours.

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When playing with randoms, I can often tell that they are holding down their square or Nba 2k21 Mt X button. This really is a big no no. For pressing the shoot button before the ball You'll be penalized. Wait until the ball touches your hands take your shot. Number 4 goes hand in hand. Shot IQ is one of the largest gaps inside the 2K participant base. A vast majority of players do not know when they don't understand when they're guarded, and are open. I'll try to break it down for you although this could be a post on its own. I'm making for off ball players, rather than pgs. First know your matchup. When it is a lock, you have to be a little bit careful on what shots you require. Then you've got on shooting shots much more leeway When it's not.

If you are playing out of this corner, watch where your guardian is positioned. If he's in the sweet spot (Right outside of the paint between you and the rim) odds are you're getting baited. Shots can still green but you should be careful for drifting defenders that are anticipating the kick out to you. Watch your man drops on the drives if you're playing the wing. If he moves beneath the free throw line, be ready to take because it's much harder to turn around and return. If chunk is being denied by them don't sweat it, then your doing your work by spacing the floor. Speaking of spacing the floor!

"All he does is sit, he is trash. Imagine not having a shot all game, what a bum." Let me explain something that you might not wish to hear: some guys want to win and do not care about stats. This corner participant knows his role and is enjoying it into perfection. He does not care when he takes 10 shots or 0 shots, so he is here to win matches, an attitude I wished more players had. A good deal of these players come from mycareer where they win the finals and take 45 shots in a match and think that they are gods greatest gift to humankind.

They arrive at the park and rec carrying this mindset and can not fathom not carrying every shot. 2K is point shield driven, so just know you're role, if you're an off ball player. I am not here to demean job players. You're the backbone of every team. Everyone can find a guard to have a bunch of shots, it is far more difficult to find men willing be contributors and to do the work when called upon. Be humble and be the ideal teammate possible and I promise you will have your teammates trying to run and adding you.

Possessing a wired connection and ensure your television is on the gambling style. When playing online, this creates a difference, as it limits the quantity of lag and latency spikes. Be sure to be downloading or upgrading any games while you play 2K online In case you must play on wifi. As for your tv, tvs that are most contemporary has the ability for you to switch your picture mode, for things like films, live sports or gaming. Switching to the gambling mode will decrease input lag and make your jump shooter and mt for sale 2k21 in general more responsive.

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Eve Online was developed by a group. EVE came from a studio. Did you need to eve isk collaborate a lot with CCP, and what are the gaps in how you approach development? The work style is pretty similar. We are very happy to work together. There's a fascinating story though I could share. The CCP team said they wanted somebody who sounded more older, when we tried to decide on the voice actors for our characters, but we wanted our personalities to seem younger. So this is the kind of arguments or talks that could arise between our teams. We are learning concerning the civilization, the soul that is working and the design experience from each other.


Anyway, this kind including alliances intrigues and oppositions, belongs to the gamers. They create them. We do not need to restrict or otherwise change this part. We give them resources that they use to make their own stories, just supply a sandbox environment for gamers and tell them tales to other people. It all depends on players.


You are aware of how players must use Excel spreadsheets to handle huge arrays of information from eve Online. Is data management a significant quality of EVE? As you know, eve Online has been live. It has a history, and a great deal of matters were developed during a long course of time. You could envision people used to play matches in a manner that is different than they do. Our UX staff is quite aware of it. We are continuing to iterate that the UX and UI elements of eve Online, and you will see that we are trying to maintain the UI of the first whilst coming up with new UX improvements within our development efforts.


We try to reorganize the information and split it up into different levels based on its priority. Hopefully by doing this, we could make Eve Echoes easier to get. So yes, eve is complicated on PC, but the staff is working night and day to try to enhance it with all our releases on cellular. That said, if people need tools to perform Eve Echoes, for example Excel, it's their choice. Currently players can also be using some tools to help them perform. So they are all depended on by it. It is fine When it isn't against our user policy.


Might it be possible to recreate this performance on mobile? The market is an essential portion of eve Online, so we're trying to recreate that heart experience in EVE. In our game, players can trade anything they could gather from this world. And that part is the same as in eve Online. However, in EVE, we try to make it more easy for players. We've got trade hubs or interstellar trade facilities. These transaction hubs are dispersed across different regions of the world. We introduced a logistics system, so players can ask a delivery or ship their things without having to traverse the universe to buy EVE Mobile ISK make things simpler.

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It isn't too late to enter OSRS, I began playing in March for OSRS gold the first time and I am enjoying it. There's really not. RuneScape is regulated by the idea that the participant can do whatever they want and go wherever they need. A good basic notion to begin is work on your battle stats and start doing all the F2P quests. They're a holiday thing that was worth a good deal of cash due to rarity. Now they are worth barely a fraction of what they were. Nearly all of Runescape is figuring out your way of doing things and learning yourself, Doing Quests is the best method to find and explore new content.


Once you complete all of the F2P quests, and have around 30-40 in all stats you're most likely going to have to acquire Membership. So much of RuneScape is unlocked via membership it's absolutely necessary in the long term. I can not answer this for certain as I'm only in the mid game, but I had a blast with the beginning of RuneScape and it just seems to get better. No, individuals remake HCIM accounts every day and begin in the base, you can make any construct you want to on osrs, making your account unique.


Depends upon how much you care about efficiency, personally for brand new players I wouldnt want them to have to obey a set manual, but insead explore the world to their very own with perhaps some soft manual rather to help with basics. Party Hats were published in 2001 xmas event, tradeable and very expensive discontinued objects in RS3. They are just. Im sure you could nice one from youtubers like Theoatrix, or use the wiki for a gentle guide, the majority of the learning of principles you need to learn by playing RuneScape early on, what food does, the way prayer and combat triangle functions etc.


I wouldn't ever say its'needed' but it would open up far more instruction methods which are faster, in addition to abilities, quests and planet content to explore. By far worth it in the future imo, it can also be paid for through in RuneScape game golden, therefore no need for charge cards.PvP (Player vs Player) is enabled in the jungle in all worlds, the deeper the wilderness that the wider the combat bracket which can attack you and vice versa. Some places are multi way combat meaning multiple individuals are able to strike you that are the most dangerous areas. It's also empowered in PvP Worlds, where your only protected areas are primarily banks, there aren't a lot of pvp worlds, you can only attack/be assaulted by +/- 15 combat lvls. Those would be the places that are dangerous. Safe pvp can be found via minigames in the area of Runescape.


Its a different feeling of fun, RuneScape can become quite grind and goal focussed for many, achievements become rarer and the sensation of development slows down fast. However, your account does not need to finish all abilities and quests if you dont need it to, RuneScape may be performed in several distinct ways depending on what build you would like to select, so many players complet etheir goals and choose to make a new accountrefreshing all of buy rs3 gold the fun for them.

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Everything clicks once you read a tutorial instead. Like every subject covered by video ever. God I despise 30 videos trying to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta kindly explain something a paragraph of text can describe better, without frequently confusing and all the unnecessary filler. Most videos I see are like, starts with the things everyone knows, moves into unwanted tangent into unwanted tangent into side tangent into unwanted tangent. 100K views, everyone in comments speaking about the way to do it and me not understanding the fundamentals. Various people learn differently. I can't concentrate well enough to grasp that a guide that is written, so a good deal is helped by video guides.

That's fair, but I'm not complaining about movie demonstration for a concept but the tendency people have to make rambling demonstrations which take dozens of minutes to describe something they ought to have the ability to cover. Well, you. Even in the event that you learn better via video, I am sure you'd agree that you want folks to get to the point. Sad thing is everyone needs attention that is youtube, so guides are more and more getting a needle in a haystack. Someone advised me to get a lot of those gear that you're going to and just mess around with the affixes.

Once I got my hands on it and didn't need to be worried about losing a boatload of money it actually clicked.Eh, better to simply a simulator. Or the idea is in factn't hard, although an affix simulator and manual because you want some type of notion of how affixing functions to utilize the simulators. It's just that there's a million things once you move beyond affixes, you need to look up. Finest guide I've found up to now. That's usually how it is recommended by me to new players. You may spend a tiny bit of extra meseta playing around and learning, however you're more likely to know (and at times even enjoy) the process.

I wish there was a simple video that would only be like"here is my lvl1 13* weapon, here are the affixes I want onto it, and here's the most effective way to get it maxed out with affixes." While apparently skipping lots of the stuff and/or blabbering on shit, every movie I have watched spends time on shit I already know. I get this, the machine is fairly technical, and not everybody is the best communicator. I just find it a bit crazy that PSO2 has been playable in English for years, and yet quality tools continue to be dramatically currently lacking.

I brought up this exact thing in the discord prior to the beta began for Xbox and has been told that individuals will be pointed to the sim or they would help every person out separately because they adore PSO2 THAT much, so an easy ELI5 guide was not vital. Nox Lipher? Ok, if I wished to affix I would get"affix augment (technique & Pp)", purchase it from the other player, place an Elder Soul, utilize the casting 4 you purchase from leveling up it into 35 and put a flict magia, this will be really economical and ease to do, your 10 million is more than enough. You'll be able to cheap meseta pso2 be worried about affixes after you receive a 13 * rod.

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In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara finds an ancient mystery that puts her in the crosshairs of buy Nba 2k21 Mt a organization. The road results in a fantasy about the Lost City of Kitezh, as she races to find a sought-after and strong artifact earlier Trinity. Lara knows she has to reach the Lost City and its secrets before Trinity because she sets out for Siberia on a thrilling trip.

This feature-length cinematic experience merges Hollywood production values with gameplay that is engaging.


Become Erica, a woman plagued with accusations of the murder of your father. Together with the traumatic events which have haunted you as a child dragged back into the light of the vis hints that are new that are present-day, it's your responsibility to unearth the shocking truth behind the tragedy. Every decision you make influences how NBA 2K develops awaiting you at the finale of the psychological branching narrative.


We are going to be releasing a free PS4 theme to celebrate 10 decades of PS Plus. The theme will be available on PS Store for a limited period, so be on the lookout. For those who haven't tried the internet multiplayer advantage for PS Plus, we will also be hosting a free multiplayer weekend beginning July 4 at 12:01AM at 11:59PM in the time. (Online multiplayer game sold separately. Requires internet connection and PlayStation Network accounts )


It's good to see PS Plus has grown over the years -- starting with the initial PS Plus game provided to supplying PS Plus members more than one thousand games over the last ten years. We'll give you a fast picture of PS Plus from last decade, as we stroll down memory lane. Thanks and we look forward to celebrating with you!


Fans clamored for this. Bryant, who perished in a January helicopter crash along with eight other people, will be showcased on two separate covers. The current-gen version will feature artwork from his 81-point performance in 2006, and the next-gen variant will reveal Bryant waving after scoring 60 points in his final NBNBA 2K a decade afterwards.


The Mamba Forever version replaces the Legend edition, the cover of that Bryant graced for NBA 2K17. Three athletes representing the history of NBA 2K. Now's exciting announcement is just the first of many for NBA 2K21; it is likely to nba 2k21 mt coins be a huge year for basketball lovers and NBA 2K players"

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Jagex should pay attention to OSRS buy gold these for certain. Only player starting rs3 and observing his initial responses to this UI was really polarizing. It is confusing and a mess. The default option shouldn't be the customizable one. It needs to be. Let them find out the customized stuff. His video is the one I connected. I also disagree players on a locked old-school display could result in a lot of them never learning that a one exists.


Absolutely not. RuneScape is very different from how it had been once Tutorial a island came out in 2002. Modern RS3 cannot have Tutorial Island because its tutorial to get brand-new players, it does not teach you enough about the contemporary game. The Burthorpe tutorial is not perfect, but it is far better for complete beginners. Tutorial island is still relevant, and worked for literally everyone? If anything the combat needs to be updated but that's it? You and I concur. Additionally I'd rather get thrown in silent Lumbridge and figure out things together with the Combat Academy and Cook's Assistant till I get on my feet, instead of get chucked into Burthrope at the"activity" so to speak.


Lumbridge is a area that is starting. You are able to do Fish Woodcutting, Mine and attack cows and goblins. Lumbridge is fine. You don't need to focus on everything. Then you started to venture out to cities and other towns and start expanding into other abilities. With Burthrope, yes, you can do all of the abilities but I feel that is the issue. There are many things to do in RuneScape! Pace out them, and I'm sure thr player experience enhances. This is a great take. I really don't enjoy sitting through the boxes that are flashing along with the turorials I try new games, I just need the basics and I will figure everything out.


I switched into rs3 from osrs around 5 months ago. It took me time of logging and saying wtf do I do to actually try it for real. My first few days of rs3 was learning UI out of yt guides, gearing how skills work, fresh training spots, and guides. GotId state tho that I feel like I have a good grasp on I. A tutorial in's and out's of this UI would be awesome for beginners. Do you mind sharing? I've been enjoying RS3 since 2005, but off and on a lot since I started working, so I'm still a noob, albeit with stats.


Thank you for the comment! I logged in asking the question before getting into my login but I will definitely watch some vids. Sounds dumb but it took me long to work out how to talk my buddy directly and not through the clan conversation. There are just so many icons and symbols that it takes ages to determine what they are.I've advised that for many years how toolbelt should not have tools inside when you create account. Character should spawn with nothing on them out to world of nowhere. Like in Animal Crossing, you create tools to runescape gold 2007 set them. Lot of different games does similar thing.

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Unless you're on NA in which situation you throw out silly string (Gizonde) over and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta over and over because everything else is pointless. No joke the things with utility that is constant are the lightning techs haha. Gizonde(mobs) nazonde(chemical tech judge building on strong mobs or bosses) ilzonde(based movement) and also the suck everything into one place one. I really like Ilmegid, its array is readily 3x that of Gizonde and it could hit the same target twice. From which Gizonde for whatever reason stops chaining on flying enemies Much better. Downside is it does not have lightning's huge price reduction. They need to have a niche wish they have balance the shit from the techniques. A lot of them look/sound cool but where's the damage.

Ilmegid is a nice idea, but the harm is too low and the pp price is too large. It's good for low level trash. Megid is strong. The slow buttocks cost megid (ramegid?) Cold has some techs that are decent. Wind is the worst of this lot, and I had been sort of needing end to be greater. I think the technician that is dark is namegid? Requires nearly six full seconds to charge. Terrible dps, although damage that is Fantastic. The 1 wind tech that does three whirlwinds is great against boss luther along with all his minions you find around. Should out dps techs if you get the casts perfect. Nonetheless, it's simply worth using lone or duo minions because gizonde is better for groups.

I'm for realizing that charged Gizonde spam is amazing with a slew of adds on the ideal track. There are way too many situations where Gizonde/Nazonde are nearly equal to or better than techs who have elemental advantage, particularly when you get a fantastic talis. Many photon arts will you get by with as force? I have played about with it around lvl 60ish (always been a melee primary ) but had fun. Can I want to use more than like 8 PAs?

In NA you could unironically get by on support spells. Have two wind techs or one breeze in your pocket if Luther comes back. 1 Force that is good can force open the clock on their own, and also the randoms will flock to it and ruin it. The main problem with Force rn is that lightning is incredibly useful in many situations. Until crafted techs arrive in August, there are not a lot of situations where using lightning is worse than using any other element.

Inventory/Vendor/Lists management: PC tips but also count on xbox (not sure of this procedure there). Watch the lists. Use CONTROL and SHIFT buttons to select several so that you can just like identify things go rather 1. Or send items to inventory or vice versa from bank. Additionally, in the event that you want to select 1 item but the stack. And so skip the amount dialog that is pick. Select it using CONTROL first and then left click to select transfer to storage/inventory etc.. This will help save a lot of headache/time. You do not have to get withdraw to switch to the other or to choose deposit. Just pick either and you can click stock or any storage. From there if you would like to cheap PSO2 Meseta move stuff just drag and drop. This works with numerous select above to handle things. Just pretend like windows file explorer with listing 11, it is.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 includes plenty of design to buy PSO2 Meseta hide its own wrinkles. Phantasy Star Online 2 isn't an MMO from the traditional-sense, at least not enjoy those currently dominating this genre. There isn't a broad, open world to research, filled with players going about their respective errands. Instead, it's more reminiscent of elderly lobby-based MMOs such as the first Guild Wars. There is a general hub/lounge place where gamers congregate to upgrade their equipment, accept quests, or mingle. This social hub is similar to the Tower from Destiny 2, and it's sequestered into various cases, known as"blocks", to maintain the servers from melting to hot slag.


This method means playing with friends or randoms can establish a bit cumbersome at times. If your buddies are in a different block you'll have to first transfer over to theirs before they can invite you in celebration. If you're using the baked-in matchmaking from your mission select screen you may elect to pull players from out of your block, or can search for groups across the assortment of other blocks available, however if a group fills while you're surfing the list doesn't update to notify you of such.


Other components of Phantasy Star Online 2 create the eight-year gap between Phantasy Star Online 2's first release and also the North American launch harder to ignore. The images are clearly from a bygone age, with light, textures, and anti-aliasing showing their age the most. The anime artwork design keeps it afloat, but as you're running about the labyrinthine corridors of these procedurally-generated missions it is clear this was a game published in 2012.


Though, by 2012 standards Phantasy Star Online 2 isn't pushing any boundaries. Some games age more gracefully than others, and while Phantasy Star Online 2's overall graphical package may not have matured like a fine wine, it certainly has not spoiled like milk. And that's fine, since the vibrant, anime aesthetic that engulfs the experience more than makes up to the muddy environment textures, subdued shadows, and jagged edges.


Fair warning: if you only have a moderate tolerance for all things anime afterward buckle-up, because Phantasy Star Online 2 is as over-the-top as Japanese matches can get. It embraces each and every anime trope like a buff reunited with their partner after a decade apart. You take on scene chewing villains the size of buildings, travel across time and space in a story that barely makes sense, and dive about struggles with an absolute disregard for the laws of mathematics. You are able to take control of a giant mech to crush your foes, and also act as a race of mechs (the women of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta this particular group have their jiggly bits intact, obviously ).

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Yeah, scamming and luring is really common thing nowadays, which is very sad since alot of RS gold those high lvl accounts do this, purchased accounts or not. Dont recall there is really no free material with extra actions, just mind your business and give up tho. Theres nothing else included, if someone wishes to provide some thing to you. No walking, after and most falling your gear, as you likely know that but still.. What did you eliminate tho? Yeah, bit of a lapse in judgement there:/ my gut told me she was actually a good person, I believed she wanted to be friends and help out.


Or at the least she was just hoping to get perspectives, I've noticed a few movies of RuneScape players doing something like but they actually do follow through and give the noobs cool gear or cash. And her username was GENER0SITY. Most of the stuff was awarded to me by a few really trendy high level RuneScape gamers or purchased with some cash they gave me, I'm not too wealthy in RS. I did talk about this in a different group and somebody sent me a message saying they needed to help me get my stuff back. So that will help revive my faith in RuneScape somewhat if that's real.


I am still finding that which but at $11 per month (BTW) you have so much to research as a new/returning RuneScape participant! And worse comes to worst you log into OSRS and keep playing with that! If you need a bud and I need to join the clan or to perform on discord at BakedWeeb # 1337 I can hook you up! Appreciate RuneScape man. As someone playing OSRS to acquire inferno cape and grind Nightmare out, I gotta say that OSRS combat dull. So fuckin dull. The Inferno isn't even hard it's a mystery you die or where every tide you either figure out the most appropriate course of action, which is enjoyable but not wise. I've made it to tide 60 so much, and gotten bopped with a spawn, with an inven of sara brews and sup res. I've played since 2005 and remember what boring really was too. If it was not for some OSRS drops being worth 6B I would not- drama OSRS. Ever.


That having been said, I think my favorite thing about combat, that OSRS lacks, is your capacity to boost your damage output signal via skill. Moreso using Mage, but actually just executing and knowing the rotations for the situations is and I miss it. Two individuals with rigour shooting, a twisted bow, and maxed gear in OSRS at Kree? It is literally 50/50 (55/45 if someone misses a tick eating, but you get my point) Two people with Eldritch Crossbows in RS3 at Kree? The one with the greater rotation will find the drops 100 percent of their time. Want to increase your PR in Zulrah? Gl on strikes, have max gear. You're good. You've struck the ability ceiling for Zulrah As soon as you've mastered the art of shifting gear and your prayer, and standing in the right spot for the next phase.


Want to increase your PR? There is numerous ways to improve. I think the world record is similar to 1:30 when it's already end to get it and regular at 3:30. And you do not want the best gear in RuneScape to hit adequate gear, only the wisdom that is necessary and that 2:30 mark. There literally no ability expression in OSRS that is flicking and tick eating pvm wise, and no way for individuals because everything you can do in OSRS to boost their damage output is left click. For some people that the want. (Edit: I shall throw in multi way switches in OSRS however, in regards to PvP. You either can, or you can practice, and that's a good thing. But that's for gaining KO potential and advantage, and old school runescape buy gold not applicable.

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It is not different to any company in any profit driven industry - that the NBA is an interesting example since the CBA restricts the salaries based on overall revenue and cheap mt nba 2k21 you are definitely correct that owners maintaining more profit wouldn't make enthusiasts better off in general but if we were to keep the theoretical applications of trickle down economics and p regulation you'd observe a similar scenario to the EPL, in which the best profit manufacturers can purchase the best players and coaches, build the best stadiums and control the most for tickets. The comparison between the EPL and the NBA function as quite good analogies to free market v regulation - in the epl you have a higher concentration in talent in the very best teams with less complete competition from those groups that can not afford to buy players.

2k20 is a game. Its nothing terrible and its nothing imo. I think they will need to remove badges that enable players. (Pogo rod, Select pocket etc) These type of badges decrease the power gap that is so needle thin already. Play making shot creators should not be poking the ball away when I have HOF. One more thing about badges is that we have numerous pointless ones. Fast draw shouldn't be taking up a badge distance. We all liked the jump shot founder.

Takeover needs to be toned down a bit. Whether its slashing, sharpshooterglass or cleaner it has to be balanced. There is takeovers that light up WAY to fast. You need to need to be dominating NBA 2K20 to obtain takeover. The playground needs reverted back into the affiliation system. Does anyone recall when they competed for the best to have a playground that is new? I think it was 16. Rough riders got that park in addition to a massive building. Things like this go a long way. It created NBA 2K20 feel fresh. The neighborhood just creates unnecessary lag issues. Why do we need to walk around in a menu?

Stop letting releases move in. I think at the beginning of NBA 2K20 it had been near perfect. A couple of whites goes in but they had to be whites that are complete. You shouldn't be rewarded for having poor timing. I see 3/4 bars 30% contest going in greens. Your shots should not be going in over 40 percent of the moment although In case you cant green im sorry. Hop steps would be to OP. I use them because there absurd but they ought to get nerfed. You shouldn't be able dip it and to just levitate across the key. You can play with defense and still your gonna get skipped by.

So they are balanced, defensive builds need to be reverted and changed. They are always the dominant and its not close. Not every construct should be in a position to shoot. If you produce a paint monster with a 40 3 chunk they should not be able to mt for sale 2k21 green only because you've got the right jump shot. Fix the servers. They make a amount from VC. Make them better. They worry about what but there game's functionality.

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Better integrated narrative missions. I've been hanging throughout the narrative for Eps. 1-3 and it is among the most agonizing story experiences I have ever...experienced. And PSO2 Meseta I enjoy the narrative / writing. But the way is;? Plus it sounds like this'up' from how it launched. Since PSO 1 did it superbly, the whole thing frustrates me so much. PSU more so. I really don't know what occurred in PSO2, except to suppose that the original implementation was created to artificially drag the storytelling out within a longer period of time... Which is a terrible design decision.

I have never played with any other pso game, therefore I am not certain how it compares, but it feels like they made Pso2 to be overly modularly instanced in the get go and such a system does not lend itself well to an incorporated linear storyline. It's weird though because they've scripted events occur inside quests, so it seems like they could have easily made Story Quests which take Expeditions and have them trigger cut scenes as you go through the map, just then call those Story Quests rather than having them all separated. Whatever the case, I absolutely hate the present system and it's actually slowed down my drama of pso2 as I am not interested in playing only for the purpose of leveling up my character, without the narrative being significant to the play I don't feel like there's a reason for my efforts.

Personally I also really dislike the writing, which makes it even harder to slog even though a menu driven story, but I feel like it'd still get me into Phantasy Star Online 2, even if I did not enjoy the writing, if it was integrated. Without some storyline cohesion everything feels like chores which serve no purpose in influencing the entire world. The Role Play aspect is made into background fodder. It's disappointing because originally I thought it was an intriguing world based on what I played at the beta, but I got beyond the guided part and it is only all menus and endless map conducts. It has really turned me off from trying any others.

It's standard of PSO2 it appears. The elderly Phantasy Star games have been traditional JRPGs (for the large part. The managed dungeons relatively uniquely for the time frame ), so if you are into such things they are reasonably enjoyable. And funny enough PSO1 did precisely what you're suggesting, which means that you may see why this implementation is bothersome when they already had it figured out. This was a measure that is weird for them considering it's original implementation, as parts of it was nearer to that. You would do a few meaningless Kill X Collect Y quests, and then it would"Unlock" a narrative scene which would then spawn on a level as a floating label that played the scene in question.

The biggest problem was that as you've seen, many of these scenes really are tiny, and not only were they separated by many"Missions" (Which had to be done so, one at a time, therefore fresh quests for each), but if you had multiple related scenes unlocked, Phantasy Star Online 2 only spawned one at a time. That means you'd have to select the mission to watch the next scene. Each of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the elements for creating a story exist in Phantasy Star Online 2 code.

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I think today that discord, the osrs youtube community, along with also the reddit community are so notable new players would have a far simpler time figuring out what they're supposed to cheap OSRS gold do. Dungeoneering being a skill with a lot of long term advantages to enjoying it lead to and will lead to a much greater community than BA that's a cesspit of folks who just care about getting something accomplished and never playing it again. I get this is subjective however, BA was not fun than Dungeoneering, it had been actual PVM and puzzle solving content. Some of the roles in BA are only dull beyond almost anything else in RuneScape.

Remember that the gamers are also big part of the future of osrs. Instead of preserving the nostalgia hungry 2007 era players currently playing I'd imagine the goal for jagex would be to increase their playerbase. Notably when something such as toggleable HD images could bring a lot of new players (ik it's harder for prospective content etc.) without creating current playerbase to evaporate. During Corona I've seen alot of new people playing who've picked up RuneScape game on mobile, so I would imagine the playerbase keeps becoming less of"actual 2007 gamers" as the time continues.. Like someone else new players combine for RuneScape gameplay and unique grindy accomplishments gameplay, but I doubt that everyone picked RuneScape game because they discovered images appealing.

Not always, although younger gamers are a significant part of Jagex's future OSRS. What is now RS3 was supposed to be a sport that could retain current players as they got older and make new/younger gamers since they added graphics. What ended up happening is they made OSRS to try and win back some of the older players they had dropped through controversial design choices in the game. They didn't expect it come anywhere near outpacing the game, or to be really successful.

RS3 does not appear that successful at bringing brand new players, although they're currently in an awkward place where OSRS is powerful because it fills a market of attracting gamers. By trying to make changes to OSRS geared towards younger, brand-new players that they may end up killing the niche that's currently making OSRS successful now. Many folks don't think about OSRS or the graphics just retro/nostagic, and several do not need them changed. They are also significant to the branding/identity of osrs.

You lose the capability to market OSRS and RS3 to fresh players as two separate 23, if you start changing the images. Describing OSRS as picture of RuneScape game from where it was at in 2007 but using fresh upgrades which are consistent with the design philosophy of this time is relatively simple to describe to buy 2007 runescape gold people not knowledgeable about RuneScape match, but the difference between it and RS3 gets murky real quickly when you make images changes.

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If it gets postponed, Phantasy Star Online 2 is dead in the water. They said May, and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta they have been hyping up that their gonna tell us"REAL" Shortly. So I doubt that their gonna delay it. "Dead in the water" signifies nothing. It releases, if it's delayed the amount which they care the sum that you care when it releases. They couldn't care less about us tbh. They knew a long time ago it was a viable match, could do much better in Asia-sure, but still viable from the west. They only had no interest in us. They have canceled Phantasy Star Online 2 twice for the west... 10years after they finally do it. It's really sad imo. I really like PSO... but it's pretty clear Sega does not care about us at all.I recommend ya'll try PSO2.

I am a very long time lurker of the subreddit and I wanted to state how much fun I'm having with PSO2 in my Xbox one. I am a veteran WoW Phantasy Star Online 2 player and I play FFXIV on event. PSO2 is a game I picked up and it has been also a breath of fresh air and fun in this genre. If you like Action MMORPGS please give this a try. I believe it is coming out in another week for PC users but in case you've got an Xbox one you ought to be able to play it today for free. It will also have cross platform support for Xbox and PC users so that I expect the Phantasy Star Online 2 participant base to incease by a lot in the next few weeks.

I was also a big fan of PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) back at the afternoon before Sega turned off the servers several years ago. I believe I had sunk into that match and must level 140 that was level at the time. PSO2 is quite like it and feels like a direct update in every manner. Just wanted to give a hope that there are still good MMO's coming out and I am glad Sega realizes that there is a western audience for their titles. Have you tried PSO2 yet and what are your comments on it?

NA only? I heard SEGA forgot again that Europe exists, can it be true? It is not region locked, although it is releasing in NA just. From what I have been hearing, the in assignment gameplay is either a p2p or mostly client side system, although the most important ship is mostly serverside, so gameplay is not that bad. I can not say for sure however. Up to now there's been no news out of NA.There is a place lockin that you can't directly purchase microtransactions if you are outside of NA, also will have to buy US gift cards from external vendors.

Youre right pso2 is super fun. But cash shop cosmetics can be sold to Phantasy Star Online 2 players. Grind 10 hours for golden or pay 10 bucks. A blunder that makes everyones achievements mean nothing to the neighborhood. I guess that just comes with it being free to perform with. Ya know? I would rather buy expansions, with subscriptions. I would be delighted to pay a sub to Phantasy Star Online 2 if there's a steady flow of fresh content. PSU had a sub that is compulsory par and cheap meseta pso2 I think that worked out.

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I would add scripted games like the starting PG along with your myplayer needing to nba 2k20 mt assume the responsibilities. With goals that if you reach it you get vc. I would make it observable that NBA 2K has a surprise which you could option from it. A way to maintain my career living. I'd have over several different scripted scenarios.Take out unneeded cartoons, add more dribble moves for guards, fix hands up defense in the paint create it really matters, patch hop steps, article scorers can not spam & speed increase while back down, reduce display loading time.

This is the most easy the grind has been in years. This is a 95 (with only MyCareer) prior to the All-Star break. Should you play 1/2 games daily and don't rush, it might take a month. VC comes quickly and through ways apart from salary. You'll have sufficient after the Finals in the latest. Turn your difficulty up, set and reach acceptance incentives, and prioritize points is simple, I simply throw lobs for playmakinb badges, but VC is always the problem for me.NBA 2K20 MyTeam got me like

NBA 2K proceeds to hit new highs. Everytime I think the bar can not get any lower 2K brings something like this. Don't know why people bother with MyTeam. Gambling is fun. It fuels your own drive to continue playing also as soon as you do get this Galaxy Opal. Similar to if you should win the whole pot in poker. You obtain a dopamine release telling you to keep playing but it finally comes down to yourself control. Not for me my team and personally I a have couple of pds, but play. The only pd card with a lot and I play with is my dearron fox.

I feel like. Like PG Lebron or PG giannis because they really play substantial minutes running"stage" Cards such as PG maker or C/pf westbrook make no sense, or at least they ought to have their natural position be their secondary position. Why would I want to match spud Webb against centres of westbrook on PF.LeBron and Giannis don't have to be playing point guard for them to be operating point. There's nothing stopping you from controlling the crime with LeBron and Giannis while they're playing with SF/PF and running plays. Bully and the only reason for these to be at point guard is to cheese smaller point guards, so it's not for any actual strategic basketball reason that is legitimate.

Releasing these cards defeats the purpose of position locks, although I know that they play with Time that is important at the PG. It is at a stage to where you're basically screwed because anything under 6'7 is going to get bullied the whole game. Those player you say run minutes at guard, magical and luka are listed point guards and not out of position. I think the bigger problem / source of my frustration is a 55 + percent shot from 3 and mt for sale 2k20 upward is pretty much every player PD. PD Ben Wallace or PD Wilt shouldn't dash 3's at that clip because they're PD.Create NBA2KING Desktop Shortcuts For 3% Discount!

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Big names in the genre such as World of Warcraft and RuneScape gold Final Fantasy XIV have executed free versions, but not all games that were free are created equal. These two games (along with a couple of other people ) have been excluded for the listing because they're"free-to-start" instead of free-to-play, with important limitations to gameplay or progression caps. Without further ado, here are the free MMORPGs for many platforms, from gaming PCs to smartphones and consoles!


Look no farther than the free sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge if you are the sort of person who wants to spend hours on a single match. Unlike the majority of its peers, it's a freeform course system with countless classes that are interchangeable, allowing you to create a character.

Even though it offers an expansive world and a variety of methods to research it (including awesome buildable pirate ships), ArcheAge has been criticized for pay-to-win mechanics tied to your paid subscription. In response, developers created a spinoff title called ArcheAge: Unchained. It features the identical material and gameplay, but removes the subscription fee in favour of a one-time fee. ArcheAge: Unchained is well worth the buy if you're planning on playing long term, while ArcheAge is still a MMORPG that is free.


Jagex's flagship MMORPG, RuneScape, is a 1bn lifetime earnings franchise and has welcomed to its world over 270 million participant accounts. Now the company is expanding its portfolio with fresh franchise titles and new IP. Jagex employs over 320 people at its Cambridge headquarters also is a part of Fukong Interactive Entertainment, a games group listed in China.


Many readers have migrated into Old School RuneScape in search for easier times. Logging into this"Old School" version takes players back to the 2007 edition of RuneScape. Whether it's for nostalgia or gameplay taste, Josh Strife Hayes sets his audio drama in the world of Old School RuneScape.According into Hayes' Reddit place, he's in the process of"rewriting each quest as an adventure-style audio play."


These are the names of Old School RuneScape's starting zone and its first pursuit. Each episode features a dramatic first-person account of this pursuit set to the music and sound effects of the classic game. Although listeners are likely to have spent hundreds of hours at the places Hayes clarifies in Trouble and Strife, they might find a new grasp of rs2007 gold these environments throughout the thorough accounts of an adventurer viewing it around for the first time.

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We regularly conduct maintenance on our game servers to dofus kamas echo ensure they are functioning properly. While under maintenance, the game host may be unavailable for many hours. Here is an overview of the many existing cases. We run a care every Tuesday afternoon on DOFUS and every Wednesday afternoon on DOFUS Retro.

Different log files are retrieved and retrieved.Database upkeep -- Certain tables can only be optimized when players no longer have read or write access to this database.Game server maintenance -- Shutting down and then restarting the game servers lets us prevent certain game latency conditions that collect if the servers aren't restarted regularly.Complete backup of game server data -- We've got a method for backing up all game data while the servers are up and running (without disrupting the game), but we also perform backups once the game servers are now offline.

Server operation updates -- The server application and game data are sometimes updated and replaced by a newer edition. Character transfers between servers. Deployment of patches available in the changelog. During maintenance, our testing staff verifies that developments and stains are functioning correctly. Even when these maintenance operations do not offer new in-game material or fixes visible to players, they enable us to make sure our databases and servers are working correctly.

As you may see, maintenance requires the involvement of many different groups; it is, therefore, preferable to do maintenance during working hours to ensure as many people as possible are available to respond to any issues that may arise. So, why Tuesday in particular? Just because if a problem occurs after an update or maintenance surgery, our teams can intervene during the upcoming few days. It should also be noted that Tuesday morning (French time) is when there is the least amount of activity in terms of players: There is more action in the evenings and evenings than in the first morning (French time). DOFUS being an international game, there are gamers connected at any time of the night or day.

These maintenance operations are declared on Twitter and about the forums, as a top statement on the main page. The"Server status" section allows you to have a follow-up on possible compensations or more info such as rollback to get example.Sometimes we can not declare it beforehand as it is a repair on a crucial bug which requires immediate intervention. We apologize in advance for any struggles cancelled or playtime missed during these processes, but this kind of maintenance is crucial for the game to buy Dofus Kamas operate correctly.

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This is originally a comment I created for pso2 sales its Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread of March 18, 2020. However, I believe the message may also be useful if it's its own thread. Please note that this thread won't explain which rings are best for a particular class. If you would like to know more it is possible to assess the PSO2 Discord Channel. Last time there was a Google spreadsheet with a manual to class builds and which rings have been recommended, but it seems it has been removed. If someone knows the address of a fresh manual, please allow me to know and I will add it.

If you see something that is incorrect or could be improved, please let me know and I will attempt to incorporate it in the text. Bear in Mind that there is a Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread in the PSO2 subreddit. Please read it carefully: the query you might have is probably replied. And a Discord channel is for PSO2, in which it's very probable that they may provide you a detailed answer to your queries. Please be more respectful. I hope that you find this useful.

From the Gathering page of Arks-Visiphone:"Gathering is a system by which you can farm, in the literal sense of the period, unique items from Free Fields that can only be obtained through this method. These include Rocks, Gemstones, and Fish, which can subsequently be utilized at Shops in Franka's Cafe to create new equipment and consumables." From the PSO2 Collecting Mini Guide:"[...] With all these materials, they could create Cuisines that offer various effects, or a Skill Ring capable of copying or altering a skill or weapon's behaviour."

Though several foods are intended to be used to raise the likelihood of obtaining more substances when you go to crop or fishing, there are a number of foods which may be used to help on the battle. These can be put in your sub-palette and are effective immediately, so they are convenient. They are already an essential component of many endgame course, and as their convenience has enabled different playstyles to thrive builds on the JP server.

If you would like to learn what would be the impacts of the different cuisines, it is possible to consult with the Cuisine Section of this page devoted to Gathering. If you would like to understand about music and exactly what aspects they can enhance, you can consult the page devoted to cheap meseta pso2 Skill Rings. Please be aware that these pages are heavily devoted to your JP server, so you won't find some rings around the NA server, and some foods may not be found by you either.

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Back in 2012 they had gone into Pax West, promoted the match and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta had a demo. Overnight it had been lost the site was up but not touched, but the facebook webpage was dead. Fastforward and we find out that there was seemingly a contract deal which prevented PSO2 from leaving Japan for several years. Once that contract was over they did a test of a PSO2 in english however, the firm they partnered with major dick and fucked it up. Now is from interviews, Sega hasn't responded to some inquires about draw PSO2 to the west through recent years.

Ive place 1000s of hours into PSO2 over the years, I have the game installed currently and have been using it to help players on the NA version. The main reason is because I have family and friends that are playing xbox and I wish to play with them. Sure consoles have been sold at a loss or near loss, it's nothing new. But with the next xbox coming around the corner, they are trying to sell their inventory of xboxs as far as possible, any marketing activities that sells an unit is on the table at the moment.

Yes the game is set to launch in spring for PC, but spring is a long 4 month span. That 4 month period is a long time when you take into account the simple fact that all in the beta will roll over to"release". Which places PC players massively behind (not too big of a deal but it really stinks ) in addition to the piles and piles and piles of period limited cosmetics that they are shoving at xbox players (which is again a part of their promotion, it's an anxiety advertising strategy). I understand the importance and esteem the fire. I disagree with the idea that it's being mishandled. A way for me is that while I'm convinced MS welcomes the additional units sold I don't believe it was a major talking point for making sure this collab between businesses went down.The auxiliary in Phantasy Star Online 2 is a neat feature that you can make the most of in battle, and around your home. Getting it up and running though can be somewhat confusing. Here's how to acquire an auxiliary in PSO2. Auxiliary service partners become available as a characteristic at PSO2 at level 20 from, you guessed it, your old pal Cofy who's always loaded with helpful quests that will essentially unlock the entire game for you.

You don't, Even though the word Course implies you must do something intense to finish it. It's extremely simple and can be taken care of on ARKS you just have to do some running around to fully unlock the auxiliary's potential.

She'll explain auxiliaries for you and you simply must go back to Cofy and you'll get the console furnishing for your personal quarter and the order is complete. You don't actually have access really quite yet since they do exist. Input your quarters and place the games. There is no one to call although It is possible to interact with it. From that point, you can visit Manage Auxiliaries and then Create. You will now enter a character creation screen at which you are able to personalize your own little helper, similar to cheap PSO2 Meseta if you made your personal character, including picking a main class.

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A lot of bosses can be carried out in heritage just, to buy RuneScape gold be honest. I really don't think Solak was done prob since they can't violate him lol. Very good luck last phase together with all the dps assess + defensive use test, even when they did. AoD was performed in Legacy. Bind dps and the reavers. I guess that the sometimes freedom for the ice barrage she can perform during the last phase when you don't have any mage prayer on. Everything else is simply dps. So at AoD that the one thing keeping legacy is that EoC does so much more damage compared to eoc. Can't soul enough damage to drain tank your way through the boss like EoC can.

So tbh, it is likely that they could have made complicated bosses, as a lot of managers in RS3 are not even complex and don't even attempt to push what EoC can perform. They scratch on the surface. Really, the vast majority of the bosses we've had could have easily been created for the old combat system. I believe that the true bosses that really push EoC to show how good it can be are Solak, ambassador, Telos and vorago (although he can be done in legacy, but he is still a good boss to flaunt defensives). They must create more bosses like them. AoD didn't hit on that mark and it shows with she is and how a newish pvmer with a t90 can do her.

I favored that way much more if it would cost me money. The game felt harmful how much food to bring, and your escape plan/teleport. I find people dying simply because it is a quick free teleport, or used as a bank that is temporary for Ironmen. When I did last time to fighter insanity I brought my finest in slot equipment. Back then I used gear as I couldn't risk losing the gear that was costly. The entire pursuit was made by it harder, and also same concept applies to the whole game. If you die with complete emptiness or a fire cape untradeables are stored in your stock there isn't even a small risk you lose it and need to go get it.

You are so right about the music. Even though I have played RuneScape for a brief amount of time, I remember some of the soundtracks. RS3 will try also, because it came to mobile and I don't have and won't have acces. Thank you a lot for your information! That's also what I tend to do with matches with no spesific goal, I rather felt lost or felt just like I pick a dumb goal and spending time for nothing the last time I played with, because my goal was making enough money to purchase a bond since I there are so many P2P attributes that got me curious. But quests feel like a more and better enjoyable target, will definitely try this!

RuneScape is different from what it was. Nostalgia is not the hook which gets you, it's just how in depth RuneScape is. Just like real life, you can't stop learning. That is to explain RuneScape, you can't quit learning. Some of the stuff might appear complex to you but as you start breaking down your own understanding of RuneScape, that's when you get actually invested in to it. If youwant to ask questions about stuff or'd like help, you can pm me or ask anyone in the community. For the most part this area is healthy in regards to making sure new players are welcomed.Since OSRS Discharge failed to cheap RS gold log in yesterday, logged in Each day

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