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In the first leg of the Champions League group stage in the 17-18 season, Bayern Munich defeated Belgian Anderlecht 3-0. Although Bayern eventually win, but Ancelotti's team is not satisfactory. In the campaign, the Bavarian giants still exposed a huge problem.


Bayern early in the game to establish a huge advantage, the first 12 minutes, Anderlecht team Coommes because of  the Levin redness and eat the red dot set, then Levin penalty penalties. However, in the ensuing match, Bayern, who played one more and did not score a good chance, did not create any threat to Buy FIFA 18 Coins the opponent's goal except Robben and Torrizzo's long shots. The 49th minute, Anderlecht also hit a column, almost equalized the score. It was not until the 60th minute that Anderlecht suffered a slump in physical strength due to one fewer shot and some injury in the first half, leaving Bayern looking for a gap in the opponent's defensive line.


From the league against Hoffenheim and the Champions League against Anderlecht point of view, the single means of attack has become a major problem plagued Bayern. In the game against Huo Cun, Bayern will massively adopted mass, but with little success, and finally zero sealed by opponents. In this game, Bayern attack line is also a lack of understanding, many times Lai Wan ball points, but Robben and Ribery has not started. Now Bayern's problem is not small, coach Ancelotti if not resolved in time, I am afraid will further lose the trust of top and players

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Despite the home game, Dortmund lost to Buy FIFA 18 Coins Real Madrid, the first two Champions League, the Hornets reported the same score, the qualifying situation at stake. At Westfalen Stadium, Aubameyang became the only beggar bastard. The campaign broke, Aubameyang nearly 3 times against Real Madrid field break this season has already scod 13 goals, topped the top five



Since the Champions League lost to Tottenham, Aubameyang, Dortmund's state of the very good, three consecutive Bundesliga, Dortmund scored 14 goals, Aubameyang scored 5 goals. Not only that, Aubameyang high shooting efficiency in the league, 6 games into the 8 ball, an average of 67 minutes into the ball.


Guest Westphalian, Real Madrid used a quick counterattack tactics, and Aubameyang had to face the Varanese, Ramos's folder defense, which makes some Dortmund center does not meet the first half many times In the event of a mistake, UEFA official Webster Stefan Potter pointed out that "Aubameyang was not in the best shape and his first touch was always a bit bad." Nonetheless, Served still 5 foot shot, and C Luo also ranked first in the audience.

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Real Madrid fight against Tottenham Hotspur does not lose the ball of the golden body, ended in the current Champions League, breaking or own people, Walawane Wolong, Real Madrid career for the first time. Uruguay lost the ball the ball list, Real Madrid rose to second in history, only a ball less than the top of  Barcelona. Varanetone was once considered the world's first defender in the future, but after the resignation of Cheap FIFA 18 Coins unsatisfactory performance, the game even by the 32-year-old tall center Llorente strong eat.


The campaign 28 minutes, Tottenham Oliver right wing pass, Kane front outreach trying to heel knock ball shot, although not marked, but the interference behind the man-mark against England's Valane, the French defender accidentally touch the ball, Kicked the ball to their own goal, the ball bounced out of the arc of strange curves flying into the net, just sealed out Caen header hoisting Navas, the ball can do nothing.


Real Madrid 4 times in the past against Europe, Tottenham did not enter a goal, also led the team 3 negative 1 never defeated La Liga giant. The battle of Real Madrid's ball did not lose the ball was finally broken, or send gifts to their own people, Tottenham games for the first time in eight guest battlefield break scores, and this is also Bochetino coach La Liga and Premiership team eight times against Real Madrid , The first goal, can be double happiness.

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Once coach Juventus, Rome, Inter Milan, Leicester City legend coach Ranieri accepted the "Gazzetta dello Sport," an interview with Italy and Sweden about the World Cup playoffs, the Serie A trend, the Champions League favorites And other topics, Ranieri said, "Sooner or later, teams such as Paris and Manchester City will win the Champions League, Italy will qualify for the World Cup, after all, Sweden has no Ibsen such a wizard."


Ranieri points out, "Serie A is rebuilding its credibility and, of course, we have not reached the level where the two teams will play in the Champions League final in Manchester in 2003, but levels have started to improve, and we have to Buy FIFA 18 Coins thank twice in three years Juventus in the Champions League final Naples is doing some great things as they face the city of Manchester, one of the richest clubs in the world, and Napoli's soccer style really captures your eye and Surrey is fantastic.


When talking about Serie A's competition, Ranieri pointed out that "Juventus, as always, started very slowly when they entered the state, but then you always see them at the top of the table, or from the top As for the team and their culture are more accustomed to winning, which makes them more advantages.As for Inter, Spalletti soon took control of the team, you can see the results of his work.

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In the other semifinals, Juventus beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the first leg, but Galaxy will be home to play in the second leg and both teams have the chance to go to the finals with Barcelona. Real Madrid, Juve different characteristics, Galaxy warships do not lose Barcelona's attack, C Luo (microblogging data) against Barcelona this season, two times to break, and Juventus is one of the top five defensive teams in Europe, "Horse Card reported that even Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini (microblogging data) BBC combination enough to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins fight Real Madrid striker Trident.




Neutral fans apparently hope that Barcelona, ??Real Madrid club two clubs to the Champions League final, MSN and the BBC strongest striker battle, Harvey (microblogging data) and Casillas farewell battle, the Spanish national Derby's grudges will make the Champions League Final spot more spotted Barcelona, ??Real Madrid 204 history clash, Barcelona won 78 wins, 31 draws and 85 negative results, last season's King's Cup final, Real Madrid 2-1 win over Barcelona, ??Belle sideline passing Albatros scene became a classic shot.





However, Bayern revealed a Barcelona defense defensive loopholes, and Real Madrid this season, 2 times against Barca scored 4 goals in a match-off attacking duel, Barcelona's victory is clearly smaller. "Daily Sports Daily" polls show that 77% of fans prefer to meet Juve, only 23% of fans want Real Madrid, apparently because Juve is weak. Daily Sport newspaper reporter Mascaruo also said: "I do not want to encounter Real Madrid in the final, for most Catalans, the match with Real Madrid will test your heart, including me Winning the game will make Barcelona gain eternal glory, but once the game is lost, it will fall into hell, or against Juventus.



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When it comes to arena the Alteration Bazaar in FIFA 18 as an simple way to accomplish coins, accumulation behest (as mentioned above) arguably stands out as the fastest method. Aboriginal of all, you'll ambition to be on the anchor for in-demand players who are bargain abundant for a alternation of bids. A lot of players advance the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier Alliance as the best places to look, and searching for players whose best positions include, but may not be bound to, centermost forward, larboard back, and/or appropriate back. But behindhand of which alliance you ambition to attending at, and which position you ambition to go for, the key actuality is searching for Cheap FIFA 18 Coins high-demand, low-supply players, but not those who bulk way too much.


Once you've activate some players who fit the aloft criteria, you can acquisition their boilerplate buy-it-now bulk by traveling through the agenda menus. You will afresh allegation to accomplish a few simple calculations as you arise up with the bulk added players would allegation to pay if you are traveling to accomplish a accumulation by diplomacy the amateur for the boilerplate buy-it-now bulk we mentioned above. Multiply the boilerplate buy-it-now bulk by 0.95 so you can get the bulk if the EA Tax of 5 percent is not ample in, afresh abstract a few hundred coins. It's just as simple as that.



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