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Request him if they could turn you into RuneScape gold another person. They will tell you they require a specimen of the individual, three vials of water, and 1k to their services. Give them the things and they'll create"Strange Potion." They will teach you to drink this only once you need to impersonate the individual as every potion gives 10 moments of stolen identity.


Return to the hideout and attempt to open the doorway. Make sure you've got the Hideaway ring on and the hideout map on your stock and the axe if you're using woodcutting and strength plus a rope to utilize agility. Lower levels are indicated to get some food, decent armor, and plenty of both runes or arrows and teleport runes. You must also be sporting the black robe top to be disguised as the servent.


This is when to drink the first"strange potion." Simply click"open door" and the doorway will ask you the title of your master or need to see the master's crest. You can chose either as proof of authority to input, however, the master's name is random for every player and the doorway will become a level 35"Guard Spirit." Kill it quickly and input. Next is a trapdoor that needs to buy OSRS GP find a gift that the master gives just to his servents. Display this trapdoor the ring. If you are not wearing it, nothing will happen, you will just be denied entrance.

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